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Biodiverzita a krmovinárske hodnotenie zaburinených poloprírodných pasienkov a návrh na ich revitalizáciu (VTP-27-10)19992003VTPJ. NovákDGEaFC FAaFR
Dictionary of forage crops terminology20152017KEGAĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
Ensuring sustainable grassland biomass usable for energy and feed purposes20172019VEGAĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
Feeding potential of forage crops for wildlife (178-1780458-0417)20072010MVTSJ. NovákDGEaFC FAaFR
Fodder crops glossary20172019KEGAĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
Forage and seed production use Slovak newly intergeneric hybrids xFestulolium A. et Gr. in climatic conditions of the Danube Lowland20172019VEGAP. HricDGEaFC FAaFR
Forage crops - glossary of terminology20142016KEGAĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
Growing of turfs in low input conditions20122014VEGAP. KovárDGEaFC FAaFR
Inventarizácia poľnohospodársky využívaných trávnych porastov Západných Karpát (1/1/011998)19982008Bilateral cooperationJ. NovákDGEaFC FAaFR
Kvalita trávnikov v podmienkach low-input caespestechniky (1/244/05)20052007VEGAH. GregorováDGEaFC FAaFR
Lawns in changing climate conditions20172019KEGAP. KovárDGEaFC FAaFR
Potential use of Slovak newly bred intergeneric hybrids of grasses in lowland area20182020VEGAP. HricDGEaFC FAaFR
Rozvoj trávnikárstva v podmienkach nízkych vstupov (1/0446/08)20082010VEGAH. GregorováDGEaFC FAaFR
Signalizácia potenciálnej, hodnotenie aktuálnej synantropizácie a kvality trávnych porastov po ekologickej obnove disturbovaných zjazdoviek v NP Nízke Tatry (1/0470/15)20152018VEGAJ. NovákDGEaFC FAaFR
Stability, durability and changes in production capacity and diversity of temporary sown meadows20142016VEGAĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
Terminology in Fodder20162018KEGAĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
Testing of selected polysulfide fertilizers in nutrition and protection of turf20152018Zmluva o dieloĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
The establishment and care of lawns in changing climate conditions20182020KEGAP. KovárDGEaFC FAaFR
The impact of water deficit and high temperatures on the quality of lawns20162018VEGAP. KovárDGEaFC FAaFR
The network of research centers within the V4 (ID # 21520416)20152016Standard GrantsĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
The network of research centers within the V4 (ID # 21610611 )20162017Standard GrantsĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
The network of research centers within the V4 (ID # 21710410)2017--Standard GrantsĽ. VozárDGEaFC FAaFR
The quality and functionality of lawn ecosystem under conditions without irrigation20142016VEGAP. KovárDGEaFC FAaFR
The quality and functionality of lawns under conditions without irrigation20152017VEGAP. KovárDGEaFC FAaFR
Utilization of mountain pasture for year-long pasture breeding of cattle (1/1/032003)20032005MVTSJ. NovákDGEaFC FAaFR

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