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HALO, M. Nový plemenník na Slovensku. In Slovenský chov. 22, (2017), p. 38--39. ISSN 1335-1990.

Original name: Nový plemenník na Slovensku
English name:
Written by (author): prof. Ing. Marko Halo, PhD. (100%)
Department: Department of Animal Husbandry
Kind of publication: article in a professional periodical
Periodical: Slovenský chov.
Nature of article:
Volume no. (year): 22
Periodical number within the volume:
Year of publication: 2017
Starting page: 38
Up to page: 39
Number of pages: 2
UT WoS code according to Web of Science:
Original language: Slovak
Publication category: BDF Odborné práce v domácich nekarentovaných časopisoch; od roku 2013 Odborné práce v ostatných domácich časopisoch
Description in original language:
Description in English:
Key words: slovak: plemenné zvieratá, žrebce, športové kone, chov koní
Year of submission: 2017
Year of transmission:
Entry made by: prof. Ing. Marko Halo, PhD.
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Slovenský chov. Bratislava: ISSN 1335-1990.

Original name: Slovenský chov.
English name:
Name in Slovak:
Written by (author):
Kind of publication: magazine
ISSN: 1335-1990
Country of publisher:
Place of publishing: Bratislava
Publisher: Združenie - Slovenský chov
Original language:
Publication category:
Description in original language:
Description in English:
Description in Slovak:
Entry made by: doc. RNDr. Milan Margetín, PhD.
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