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The Public document server is used to store documents accessible to all UIS users, including those not registered. To administer this server common Document server tools in Personal administration are used.  This page shows the documents and subfolders present in a folder inzinierske programy.

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NameCommentsEntered byDocument dateModificationsDisplayAttachment
kod stud odbor ingJ. Polák03/28/201402/04/2020
VLUJ. Polák02/22/201603/29/2018
UPRJ. Polák02/11/201603/29/2018
VZKJ. Polák02/22/201603/28/2018
VORJ. Polák02/22/201603/28/2018
MZVJ. Polák02/11/201603/28/2018
MRVJ. Polák02/11/201603/28/2018
CHOJ. Polák02/11/201603/28/2018
GTAJ. Polák02/11/201603/28/2018
EKOJ. Polák02/11/201603/28/2018

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