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Faculty of Economics and Management
Initial period:
WS 2013/2014 - FEM
Level of study:
6280T08 I-AOM Agrarian Trade and Marketing
Language of instruction:Slovak

Study programme characteristic

Qualification awarded: inžinier
Specific admission requirements:
Specific Arrangements for recognition of prior learning: not applicable
Qualification requirements and regulations:
Profile of the programme and key learning outcomes: The graduates of Master degree program "Agrarian Trade and Marketing" are able to analyze and manage complex problems in business firms within agrifood production aimed at the sale of agrifood commodities of agricultural enterprises, food processing industry, service businesses and marketing activities. The graduates can scientifically suggest and implement the tools of marketing mix in concordance with the latest knowledge of marketing theory and practice. They are skilled at the utilization of marketing tools, they know how the business systems work on both domestic and European agrifood market. The graduates are able to apply quantitative and qualitative marketing methods, to evaluate consumer behaviour and make decisions related to food market, to use information and communication technologies.
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples: The graduates of the study program are experts prepared to work as managers in the firms and businesses dealing with the sale of agricultural products and foodstuffs on domestic and foreign markets. They will be able to work as Euro-workers, specialists in state and public administration bodies, in research, advisory and educational institutions oriented at agrifood business activities. The graduates are able to work in agencies dealing with the research of agrarian market, international institutions based on marketing and sale of agricultural commodities.
Access to further studies: graduate of the programme can continue at doctoral level studies in all study programs offered by the faculty - Business Economics and Management and Economics and Management of Agriculture and Food Processing.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading:;download=6008
Graduation requirements: gain minimum 120 ECTS, elaboration and defence of diploma thesis, final exam in obligatory subjects: Marketing and Trade and one optional subject : Management of Trading Company, Information Systems in Marketing or Prices and Pricing Policy.
Contact person: Ing. Erika Šindlerová,