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Faculty of Economics and Management
Initial period:
WS 2019/2020 - FEM
Level of study: Bachelor
6221R08 B-MPA International Business with Agrarian Commodities
Language of instruction:

Additional information about programme

Programme supervisor:prof. Ing. Ján Pokrivčák, PhD.
Programme co-supervisor:
doc. Ing. Iveta Zentková, CSc.

Study programme characteristic

Graduates will obtain relevant expertise in general economic theories, economic policy, law, informatics, finance, accounting, international trade, international economics, international relations, marketing and management. The graduate will be able communicate efficiently with international companies, organizations and institutions; actively participate in international relations within WTO, FAO, etc. The obtained expertise and skills will enable our graduates to make good decisions and to prepare high quality analyses for decision making. Graduates will also be able to expand their horizons by learning