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Faculty of Engineering
Initial period:
WS 2019/2020 - TF
Level of study:
2305T38 I-KBI Quality and Safety in Production Technologies
Language of instruction:

Additional information about programme

Programme supervisor:
prof. Ing. Zuzana Palková, PhD.
Programme co-supervisor:doc. Ing. Maroš Korenko, PhD., doc. Ing. Jozef Žarnovský, PhD.

Study programme characteristic

Graduates of the second degree of Quality and Safety in Production Technologies university study program are capable of solving material, technological and organizational issues in rationalization, modernization and design of new manufacturing engineering and electrotechnical processes and systems in systematic and comprehensive manner. These abilities are inegrated with economic knowledge, allowing the graduates to deal with issues related to management and operation of mechanical and electrotechnical production. All these activities are carried out with the help of CAx technologies and methods of mathematical modelling, simulation, logistics and mathematical optimization. It is anticipated that graduates had graduated from the first degree of a related study field (study program with a standard duration of 3 years).