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Faculty of Engineering
Initial period:
WS 2019/2020 - TF
Level of study:
2329T25 I-RSI Control Systems in Production Engineering
Language of instruction:Slovak

Additional information about programme

Programme supervisor:
prof. Ing. Dušan Hrubý, PhD.
Programme co-supervisor:
prof. Ing. Zuzana Palková, PhD., doc. Ing. Jozef Rédl, PhD.

Study programme characteristic

Characteristics of graduates of study field and knowledge acquired:

Graduates of the study program Control Systems in Production Engineering understand the essential facts, concepts, principles and contexts of the theory, structure and management of information and control systems in production engineering with application to conditions of agri-sector. Graduates are able to use this knowledge in the design, assembly, debugging, programming and engineering controls, in the realization of measurements, diagnostics and machine servicing in production systems and operations. They understand the context and consequences of problem solving alternatives. They can define appropriate theories and methods, practical procedures and tools for problem determination, design and evaluation of alternative solutions in the design, realization and management of information and control systems.

General characteristics of the graduate profile:

Graduates of the study program Control Systems in Production Engineering acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of information and control systems with an emphasis on their application in production processes. They can analyze and solve situations that may occur in their design, creation and application in the production process. They have knowledge in possibilities of using the control elements and systems for various kinds of production machines. Graduates integrate the technical, information, communication and economic knowledge needed to ensure the design and operation of these systems. They can solve technical problems caused by their operation. Graduates know and are able to operate, design and implement suitable systems for specific technical equipment and production processes. They know the principles and rules of design and control of control elements and are able to create suitable application software for their operation and control. Through a suitable information and/or control system, they can ensure the safe, reliable, economic and ecological operation of the production process.

The knowledge range of graduates:

Graduates are able to manage production systems and use the general knowledge of applied sciences necessary for understanding and acquiring concepts, principles and mutual relations in production systems, mainly in the field of agricultural engineering and food industry. They creatively use information technologies.

Additional knowledge, abilities and skills of graduates:

Graduates are able to present engineering problems and their solutions to various groups of audience. They can work effectively as a member of the development team. They can understand engineering problems and explain them. They can work on their further professional growth and thus maintain contact with current developments in engineering knowledge. They can independently design and implement the control system and its software.

Graduates can manage a team of co-workers at the level of senior manager and actively participate in manual work in the setting-up, servicing and repairing of production machines and equipment. They are able to work with tools used in designing and documenting of machines. They can actively and efficiently operate the production machines, focusing mainly on information and control systems.