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Sel.TimetableStudy periodDepartmentForm of studyBeginningEnd
Rozvrh LS 2010/2011 FBP - denná formaSS 2010/2011FBFSfull-time, attendance method02/07/201105/15/2011
Rozvrh LS 2010/2011 FBP - externá formaSS 2010/2011FBFSpart-time, attendance method02/07/201105/15/2011
Rozvrh ZS 2012/2013 FBP - denná formaWS 2012/2013FBFSfull-time, attendance method09/24/201212/23/2012
Rozvrh ZS 2012/2013 FBP - externá formaWS 2012/2013FBFSpart-time, attendance method09/24/201201/13/2013
Rozvrh LS 2012/2013 FBP - externá formaSS 2012/2013FBFSpart-time, attendance method02/04/201306/16/2013
Rozvrh LS 2012/2013 FBP - denná formaSS 2012/2013FBFSfull-time, attendance method02/11/201305/12/2013