Sylabus předmětu PHD_E029_N - Strategic Management II (FEM - 2019/2020 - post-graduate studies)

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The units forming the course syllabus:
1.Introduction to the strategic management (allowance 3/0)
a.Development theories
The process of the strategic management
Strategic thinking

2.The target orientation of the company (allowance 3/0)
Identification of the business

3.Analysis of the external environment (allowance 3/0)
a.The competitive forces
The key factors for the success
Monitoring and evaluation of the competitors

4.The Analysis of the Internal Environment (allowance 3/0)
a.Competitive advantage
The models of competitive advantages

5.Strategic Synthesis (allowance 3/0)
a.SWOT analysis
SPACE analysis
Business strategies

6.Management and the Evaluation of the enterprise' Portfolio (allowance 3/0)
a.Portfolio's methods analysis
BCG Matrix and its modifications
GEC Matrix
Shell Matrix

7.The Functional Strategies (allowance 3/0)
a.Marketing strategy
Production strategy
Financial strategy

8.Human Resource Management Strategies (allowance 3/0)
a.Development strategies
Retention Strategies
Knowledge based strategies
Talent management strategies

9.Implementation of the Strategies (allowance 3/0)
a.The structure and the conditions for implementation
Communication process

10.Implementation Strategies - Administrative tools (allowance 3/0)
a.Concept of Balanced Scorecard
Systems of Control

11.The Change Management (allowance 3/0)
a.Change as the object of the management
The factors influencing the change
The change process

12.Agricultural and Food Strategies (allowance 3/0)
a.Agricultural development strategies
Food development strategies
Rural development strategies

13.Development Strategies in the National Economy (allowance 3/0)
a.Strategies for environmental development
Strategies for economic growth
Strategies for non- conventional energy utilization
Strategies for regional development

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