Sylabus predmetu E15-0044-B - Basics of Economics (FEM - SS 2018/2019)

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The units forming the course syllabus:
1.1 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Basic Concepts in Economics.
b.Exercise: Valuing Soil.

2.2 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Cost.
b.Exercise: Supply and Demand.

3.3 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Manufacturing Conditions.
b.Exercise: Depreciation.

4.4 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: The Factors of Production.
b.Exercise: Calculations.

5.5 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: The Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss.
b.Exercise: Calculations.

6.6 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Capital of the Company.
b.Exercise: Practical Uses and Arrangement of the Foundation Budget.

7.7 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: The Intensity of Agricultural Production.
b.Exercise: Evaluation Indicators of Intensity.

8.8 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Labour Productivity
b.Exercise: Review of Indicators of Labor Productivity.

9.9 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Profitability of Production.
b.Exercise: Evaluation of the Profitability Indicators.

10.10 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Objectives and Functions of a Business.
b.Exercise: Written exam.

11.11 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Macroeconomic Indicators.
b.Exercise: Individual Seminar Essay Writing.

12.12 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Economics of Production of Agricultural Products.
b.Exercise: Calculation of the Production Possibilities of Slovak Agriculture.

13.13 (allowance 3/1)
a.Lecture: Evaluation of Investments.
b.Exercise: Presentation of the Seminar essay, course credit.

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