Sylabus predmetu E15-0035-I - Multinational Corporations and Globalisation (FEM - WS 2019/2020)

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The units forming the course syllabus:
1.The Extent and Pattern of FDI. (allowance 3/1)
a.Introduction, assigning of semestral works

2.Definitions and Measurements of FDI. (allowance 3/1)
a.The Extent and Pattern of FDI.

3.Why do Businesses Go Multinational? (allowance 3/1)
a.Definitions and Measurements of FDI.

4.Doing Business in a Global Economy. (allowance 3/1)
a.Why do Businesses Go Multinational?

5.Economics of MNEs and Patterns of Market Competition. (allowance 3/1)
a.Doing Business in a Global Economy.

6.The Firm and the Market. (allowance 3/1)
a.Economics of MNEs and Patterns of Market Competition.

7.MNE as Oligopolist. (allowance 3/1)
a.The Firm and the Market.

8.Home and Host Country Effects. (allowance 3/1)
a.MNE as Oligopolist.

9.MNE in Developing Countries. (allowance 3/1)
a.Home and Host Country Effects.

10.MNE and Economies in Transition. (allowance 3/1)
a.MNE in Developing Countries.

11.FDI Spillovers and Policy Implications. (allowance 3/1)
a.MNE and Economies in Transition.

12.Theories of MNEs/FDI. (allowance 3/1)
a.FDI Spillovers and Policy Implications.

13.Revision. (allowance 3/1)
a.Theories of MNEs/FDI.

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