Sylabus predmetu 342E303 - Market Research (FEM - SS 2019/2020)

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The units forming the course syllabus:
1.1 (allowance 1/1)
a.Lecture: Market research - Historical development of market research - The need for market research - Marketing research and Market research - The role and functions of market research - Classification of market research - The research process.
b.Seminar: Organisational issues. Giving assignments for final projects.

2.2 (allowance 0/1)
a.Seminar: Phase of marketing research process. The importance of defining a right research problem. Examples.

3.3 (allowance 1/1)
a.Lecture: The information basis for marketing decisions. Marketing information system. Sources of information. Secondary research. Primary research.
b.Seminar: The market research industry. Ethical issues. Quality standards. Code of Market Research.

4.4 (allowance 0/1)
a.Seminar: Organization of market research. Selection of research agency. Preparing a brief for research agency.

5.5 (allowance 1/1)
a.Lecture: Quantitative research. Interviewing. Conducting interviews. Structure of the interview. Structured interviews. Unstructured interviews. Personal interviews. The Telephone interviews. The Mail interviews.
b.Seminar: Typical research studies. Product research. Pricing research. Advertising research. Sales research. Customer research. Case studies.

6.6 (allowance 0/1)
a.Seminar: New trends in marketing research. Online marketing research. Case studies.

7.7 (allowance 1/1)
a.Lecture: Questionnaire design. Process of questionnaire design. Selection of interview method. Types of questionnaires. Types of questions. Pilot testing the questionnaire.
b.Seminar: General concepts of measurement and scaling. Scales of measurement. Examples of scales. Preparation of the questionnaire.

8.8 (allowance 0/1)
a.Seminar: Sampling. Defining the population. Sample design. Types of sample. Sample size. Practical examples.Written test.

9.9 (allowance 1/1)
a.Lecture: Qualitative research. Focus group interview. In-depth interview. Observation. Projective techniques. Other techniques.
b.Seminar: Experiment as a method of marketing research.

10.10 (allowance 0/1)
a.Seminar: Other methods of market research -- panel -- omnibus.

11.11 (allowance 1/1)
a.Lecture: Data preparation and preliminary data analysis. Editing. Coding. Data cleaning. Preliminary data analysis. Hypothesis testing.
b.Seminar: Coding of questionnaires. Data analysis. Practical examples.

12.12 (allowance 0/1)
a.Seminar: Using the results of marketing research in the development of marketing strategy and marketing plan. Case Study.

13.13 (allowance 1/1)
a.Lecture: Preparing the research report. Criteria for a good report. Report format. Parts of the formal report. The oral report and presentation.
b.Seminar: Presenting the final projects.

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