Sylabus předmětu 213Z403 - CAD design in landscape engineering (FZKI - WS 2019/2020)

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The units forming the course syllabus:
1.Basics of the CAD systems and AutoCAD - repeating (allowance 0/1)
a.Functions and options of AutoCAD
b.Drawing of the basic entities
c.Attributes of entities

2.Basics of the CAD systems and AutoCAD - repeating (allowance 0/1)
a.Editing tools
b.Work with the text

3.Coordinate systems in CAD (allowance 0/1)
a.Principles of coordinate systems
b.Creation of coordinate systems
c.Coordinate system S-JTSK in CAD

4.External references (allowance 0/1)
a.Types of external references
b.Work with the external references

5.Work with CAD and GIS (allowance 0/1)
a.Usage of CAD data in GIS
b.Export of GIS data for work in CAD

6.Advanced possibilities for plotting (allowance 0/1)
a.Layout settings
b.Viewport settings

7.Tables, formulas and fields (allowance 0/2)
a.Tables creation
b.Usage of fields
c.Usage of formulas

8.Datalink to MS Excel files (allowance 0/1)
a.Linking of MS Excel files to CAD drawing
b.Upload of data to MS Excel

9.Usage of blocks (allowance 0/1)
a.Principles of block creation
b.Blocks with attributes

10.Usage of layers (allowance 0/1)
a.Layer settings
b.Layers and blocks

11.Scripts (allowance 0/1)
a.Creation of the scripts

12.Granting of the credit (allowance 0/1)
a.Credit granting
b.Foremost date of the exam

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