Course syllabus Z15-0049-B - Hydromechanics (FZKI - WS 2019/2020)

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The units forming the course syllabus:
1.Hydromechanics (allowance 0/0)
a.basic knowledge of laws and regularities of still and the movement of liquids, especially water - surface and groundwater

2.Hydrostatics (allowance 0/0)
a.physical properties of liquids, the pressure in the fluid pressure force on a flat surface, swimming and stability of floating solids, liquids relative calm

3.Hydrodynamics (allowance 0/0)
a.the basic concepts of flow and distribution, basic laws of hydromechanics, continuity equation, Bernoulli's equation, the energy density gauge, hydraulic losses, and turbulent and laminar flow, Chézy's equation, the pressure flow in pipes, small and large discharge opening, filling and emptying tanks, overflow water through the spillway, uniform and non-uniform flow in open channels, solution design and stock

4.The groundwater flow (allowance 0/0)
a.the fundamental law of laminar filtration, free-flow steady flow of groundwater hydraulic calculation of vertical detention facilities

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