Sylabus predmetu P15-0081-B - Inorganic Chemistry (FBFS - SS 2019/2020)

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University: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
Faculty: Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
Course unit code: P15-0081-B
Course unit title: Inorganic Chemistry
Level of study: 1.
Course supervisor: prof. RNDr. Alena Vollmannová, PhD.
Supervising department: Department of Chemistry (FBFS)
Semester: Landscape Engineering - bachelor (required), 2. semester
Landscape Engineering - bachelor (required), 2. semester
Teaching hours per week: 2/2 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Planned learning activities and teaching methods : Presence: 2/2 (lessons of lectures
per week / lessons of seminars per week)
Presence 26/26 (lessons of lectures per
semester / lessons of seminars per semester)
Individual work 96 lessons
Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning): full-time, attendance method, part-time, attendance method
Mode of completion and ECTS credits allocated: Exam (6 credits)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Assesment methods :
During the semester, 4 written tests (each of two for 15 points, and each of two for 10 points) and a final written exam for 50 points will be realised. For the evaluation A it is necessary to obtain at least 93 points, for the evaluation B at least 86 points, for the evaluation C at least 79 points, for the evaluation D at least 72 points and for the evaluation E at least 64 points.
Objectives and learning outcomes of the course unit:
Student masters knowledge from general chemistry and inorganic chemistry, understands properties and chemism of biological important elements and their compounds.
After completion of the subject the student understands principles of general and inorganic chemistry and is able to apply the knowledge in follow-up subjects.
Course contents:
Knowledge of general and inorganic chemistry, which form the theoretical basis for the study of applied subjects. The structure of the atom, the periodic law, chemical bonds and the resulting physical properties of inorganic compounds. Chemical reactions, their kinetics, catalysis, energy and chemical equilibrium. Theory and colloidal dispersions. Electrolyte solutions. Colligative properties of solutions. Theories of acids and bases. Autoprotolysis of water,pH. Hydrolysis of salts, buffers. Solutions. Electrochemistry. Chemistry and properties of technologically and biologically important elements and inorganic compounds.
Recommended or required reading:
Poláček, a kol.: Anorganická chémia. VES SPU Nitra 2011, ISBN 978-80-552-0659-2
Poláček a kol.: Laboratórne cvičenia z anorg. chémie, VES SPU Nitra 2013. SBN 978-80-552-1076-6

Language of instruction: Slovak
Evaluation of course unit:
Assessed students in total: 943

5,3 %5,2 %13,0 %15,4 %45,3 %15,8 %
Name of lecturer(s): RNDr. Daniel Bajčan, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
Ing. Radovan Stanovič, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
Ing. Marek Šnirc, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
Ing. Ivana Tirdiľová (instructor)
Ing. Pavol Trebichalský, PhD. (examiner, instructor)
prof. RNDr. Alena Vollmannová, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, person responsible for course)
Supervisor signature and last modification: 14. 1. 2019

Last modification made by Ing. Martin Mastík, PhD. on 01/14/2019.

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