Course syllabus Z15-0105-I - Special Fruit Growing (FZKI - WS 2017/2018)

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The units forming the course syllabus:
Growing technology of selected fruit species - site selection, investments for various operations, soil preparation. Suitable rootstocks and cultivars for commercial orchards. Dates and planting techniques. gricultural operations during vegetation. Training and pruning systems. Weed elimination. Fertilizing and irrigation. Pest and disease management. Fruit picking. Modern trends in biological material outplanting.
Cluster 1: Extensive and intensive fruit plantings. Intesification of fruit production.
Cluster 2: Particularity of growth, yielding and trainig and pruning of fruit trees.
Cluster 3: The most important pests and diseases of fruit trees.
Cluster 4: Intensive growing technology of pome fruits.
Cluster 5: Intensive growing technology of stone fruits.
Cluster 6: Intensive growing technology of berry and stone fruits.

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