Course syllabus Z15-0110-B - Oenology (FZKI - WS 2017/2018)

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The units forming the course syllabus:
Introduction. History and importance of viniculture. Definitions of basic terms. Quality requirements on grapes -- legislative. Grapes - the raw material for the production of wine. Growth, ripening and over-ripening of grapes. Mechanical and chemical composition of grapes. The impact of diseases on quality of grape, must and wine.
Production premises and equipment in the winery - space for grape receiving and processing, pressing, fermentation of must or pomace, cellar. Vessels in cellar - use and treatment, their impact on wine quality. Auxiliary equipment in the winery.
(allowance 1/1)
Processing of grapes into pomace and must : crushing, destemming, pressing, maceration. Permitted methods of must treatment before fermentation : application of bentonite, settling -- must clarification, adjustment of sugar and acid content. (allowance 1/1)
Microorganisms harmful to grapes. Yeast - occurrence of species in vineyard, must and winery. Yeast propagation. Systematics of yeast and fungal microflora of musts and wines. Wild and selected yeasts -- their impact on fermentation and wine quality. Species of bacteria in musts and wines - their impact on wine quality. (allowance 1/1)
Spontaneous and controlled fermentation. The fermentation of pomace and must. Biochemical, physical and chemical processes in fermentation. The optimum fermentation conditions. Products and by-products of alcoholic fermentation. Biochemistry of alcoholic fermentation. Chemical and physical changes during alcoholic fermentation. (allowance 2/2)
Wine formation and maturing -- aging. Racking of wine from the lees after finish of alcoholic fermentation. Wine clarification -- use of fining agents. Malolactic fermentation - regulation. Precipitation of the salts of tartaric acid. Oxidation and reduction processes in wine. (allowance 1/2)
Sulfuring. (allowance 1/0)
Evaluation of wine quality. (allowance 1/1)
Wine filtering. (allowance 1/0)
Bottling. (allowance 1/0)
Production of sparkling, semi-sparkling and carbonated wines. (allowance 1/1)
Wine faults. Sensory evaluation of wine. (allowance 1/2)
12.Excursion. (allowance 0/1)

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