Course syllabus Z15-0067-I - Irrigation (FZKI - WS 2017/2018)

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Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
Course unit code:
Course unit title:
Planned types, learning activities and teaching methods:
lecture1 hour weekly / 13 hours per semester of study (on-site method)
2 hours weekly / 26 hours per semester of study (on-site method)

Landscape Engineering - master (required), 1. semester
Landscape Engineering - master (required), 1. semester
Level of study:
Prerequisites for registration:
Assesment methods :
Course credit: elaboration of semester project, revision and project vindication.

To obtain marking as A - excelent must be obtained at least 93 points, for marking as B - very good must be obtained at least 86 points, for marking as C – good must be obtained at least 79 points, for marking as D - satisfactory must be obtained at least 72 points, and for marking as E – sufficient must be obtained at least 64 points. Student obtains a course-credit for subject in the case of marking from A to E.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
To introduce to the problemacy of irrigaton, to provide students with the skills needed to design of irrigation systems.
After completion of the subject the student understant the irrigation issue and its design.
Course contents:
Purpose and importance of irrigation for agricultural production. Development and extension of irrigation, irrigation history, present state. Relation among soil, water, plant and atmosphere. Dryness of region, reason and evaluation. Necessity of irrigation water, its determination by different methods. Losses of irrigation water. Irrigation water characteristics. Irrigation influence on soil. Sources of irrigation water, its consumption, distribution and supplying. Irrigation forms, irrigation types. Technical solution of irrigation and their application. Exploitation of irrigation for special purposes, irrigation automatization.
Recommended or required reading:
REHÁK, Š. -- BÁREK, V. -- JURÍK, Ľ. -- ČISTÝ, M. -- IGAZ, D. -- ADAM, Š. -- LAPIN, M. -- SKALOVÁ, J. -- ALENA, J. -- FEKETE, V. -- ŠÚTOR, J. -- JOBBÁGY, J. Zavlažovanie poľných plodín, zeleniny a ovocných sadov. 1st ed. Bratislava : Veda, 2015. 640 p. ISBN 978-80-224-1429-6.
JOBBÁGY, J. -- KRIŠTOF, K. -- BÁREK, V. Meliorácie v poľnohospodárstve: vlastnosti pôdy, odvodňovanie a zavlažovanie. 1st ed. Nitra : Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita v Nitre, 2017. 253 p. ISBN 978-80-552-1676-8.

Language of instruction: Slovak, English
Evaluation of course unit:
Assessed students in total: 210

15,7 %
16,2 %
23,3 %23,8 %
20,0 %
1,0 %
Name of lecturer(s): doc. Ing. Viliam Bárek, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, person responsible for course)
Ing. Jakub Fuska, PhD. (examiner, instructor)
Last modification: 16. 2. 2018
Supervisor: doc. Ing. Viliam Bárek, PhD. and programme supervisor

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