Course syllabus Z15-0071-I - Environmental Management Systems (FZKI - WS 2017/2018)

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The units forming the course syllabus:
Environmenalistics – basic ideas, environment – factors, characteristics, organization approach to environment
E – policy, strategy, rules and priorities of the state environmental policy, National environmental action plan, European environmental policy (voluntary task)
The documents of state environmental policy – environmental notes, the sources of the information
Risk management, ecological and health risk evaluation, management (voluntary task)
Integrated pollution prevention and control - movie watching
Life cycle assessment, the phases of LCA, the value of LCA evaluation - movie watching
Definitions and characteristics of cleaner production, the tool for cleaner production evaluations, ecodesign- movie watching
Environmental management – basics, advantages of environmental management - - movie watching
The system of environmental management, Deming´s model, The structure of ISO 1400X
The projecting of environment management system – planning, implementation and management, general requirements, control tasks, Environmental audit (part of the seminar project)
National systems of environmental labelling, environmental labels and proclamations, the institutions of E-evaluation and labelling (voluntary task)
Environmental management system and ISO 9001, the differences between EMS and EMAS, EMAS requirements, Eco balance in E-management, evaluation of environmental performance, environmental indicators selection
Environmental report – definition, meaning, the progress (part of the seminar project), Environmental assessment of sites and organizations

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