Course syllabus PHD_A053_N - Genetic modified plants in agroecosysteme (FAaFR - 2019/2020 - post-graduate studies)

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Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources
Course unit code:
Course unit title:
Genetic modified plants in agroecosysteme
Planned types, learning activities and teaching methods:
lecture1 hour weekly / 13 hours per semester of study (on-site method)

Semester: Special Plant Production - doctoral (elective), 1. year
Special Plant Production - doctoral (elective), 1. year
Level of study:
Prerequisites for registration:
Assesment methods :
The term grade will consist of project preparation and presentation (30 points) and end-of-term examination (70 points).Grading scale: letter grade A requires minimum 93 points, letter grade B requires minimum 86 points, letter grade C requires minimum 79 points, letter grade D requires minimum 72 points, letter grade E requires minimum 64 points.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
After completion of the subject the student understands and is able to apply knowledge from the field of genetic modification of plants including gene function and plant biotechnology and crop improvement.
Course contents:
Developing GM varieties. Production trends for GM crops. Consumer benefits from GM crops. Testing and regulation of GM products. Food safety. Environmental impacts of GMO. GM product labeling and identity. Ethical considerations on GMO. Coexistence of genetically modified crops with conventional and organic agriculture.
Recommended or required reading:
HUTTA, V. - FERENČÍK, I.: Zákon o používaní genetických technológií a geneticky modifikovaných organizmov s komentárom. 2. prepracované vydanie. Bratislava : Veda. 2006. 159 s. ISBN 80-224-0914-6
LIANG, G.H. - SKINNER, D.Z.: Genetically modified crops. Their development, uses and risks. New York : Food product press. 2004. 394 p. ISBN 1-56022-281-6
VALKOVÁ, D. - TURŇA. J.: Metodická príručka pre postup hodnotenia rizika z použitia génových technik a geneticky modifikovaných organizmov. Bratislava : Veda. 2007. 116 s. ISBN 978-80-224-0962-9

Language of instruction:
Evaluation of course unit:
Assessed students in total: 3

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Name of lecturer(s): prof. RNDr. Milan Bežo, CSc. (examiner, lecturer)
prof. Ing. Katarína Ražná, PhD. (lecturer)
doc. PaedDr. Ing. Jana Žiarovská, PhD. (lecturer, person responsible for course)
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8. 1. 2019

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