Course syllabus PHD_E017 - Agrarian Marketing II (FEM - 2019/2020 - post-graduate studies)

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Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
Course unit code:
Course unit title: Agrarian Marketing II
Planned types, learning activities and teaching methods:

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Assesment methods :
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Learning outcomes of the course unit:
The aim of this subject is to study of pragmatic approaches of agrarian marketing in connection with Common market organization in the EU and its market specification with agrarian commodities in condition of the Slovak Republic. The corroborative aims are: studying of actual problems of enterprise marketing in relation to reach successfulness on market.
Course contents:
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Recommended or required reading:
Bielik, P. a kol.: Podnikovo-hospodárska teória agrokomplexu. Nitra: SPU, 1998, 236 s. ISBN 80-7137-529-2
Horská, E. - Ubrežiová, I.: Manažment a marketing v medzinárodnom prostredí. Nitra: SPU, 2001, 415 s. ISBN 80-7137-884-4
Kotler, P. a kol.: Marketing v pohybu. Praha: Management Press, 2007, 224 s. ISBN 978-80-7261-161-4
Kotler, P.: Marketing v otázkách a odpovědích. Brno: Books, 2005, 130 s., ISBN 80-251-05158-0
Šimo, D. - Rovný, P.: Agrárny marketing. 1. preprac. vvydanie. Nitra:SPU, 2010. 279 strán, ISBN 978-80-552-0472-7
Šimo, D.: Agrárny marketing II. Marketing rastlinných a živočíšnych komodít. Bratislava:EKONÓM, 2008. 172 s. ISBN 978-80-225-2529-9

Language of instruction: Slovak
Evaluation of course unit:
Assessed students in total: 2

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Name of lecturer(s): prof. Ing. Ľudmila Nagyová, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, tutor)
doc. Ing. Patrik Rovný, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, person responsible for course)
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20. 9. 2019
doc. Ing. Patrik Rovný, PhD. and programme supervisor

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