Course syllabus P15-0091-B - Chemistry Laboratory Engineering (FBFS - WS 2020/2021)

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University: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
Faculty: Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
Course unit code: P15-0091-B
Course unit title: Chemistry Laboratory Engineering
Planned types, learning activities and teaching methods:
seminar2 hours weekly / 26 hours per semester of study (on-site method)

Credits: 3
Semester: -- item not defined --
Level of study: 1.
Prerequisites for registration: none
Assesment methods :
Written test worth 50 points at the end of the semester. To obtain credit is necessary to achieve at least 25 points.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Acquire basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills for working in different types of laboratories (chemical, analytical, physico-chemical, microbiological, technological and i.), Using appropriate laboratory techniques. Own experimental experience to virtually adopt appropriate laboratory methods, rules and procedures. Completion of taught part of instruction as well as practical laboratory exercises in experiments focusing on basic laboratory operations and appropriate operational techniques to master and get good practice required for independent work in these laboratories while studying at school, as well as their application in practice.
The student will understand the general and professional knowledge of the issues versatile foundation work in laboratories, using different laboratory techniques, whereby subsequently during the study, as well as practical exercises in other areas, able to deal with individual work tasks, while also additionally apply knowledge acquired in the theoretical part teaching fully in their work and practice. A separate analysis of knowledge and practical experience gained during the study, and subsequently qualified and able to identify relationships between theoretical knowledge and practical mastering professional skills.
Course contents:
Curricula are designed so that students have mastered the general and professional knowledge and skills to the required professional standard required for the appropriate education and professional competence while working in different experimental laboratories. The theoretical and practical part is focused on the general basis (job security, order lab government regulations, material equipment, basic laboratory utensils and containers, chemicals and archiving), laboratory techniques (working with glass, cork and rubber, measuring techniques, preparation and distribution systems, working with gases), inorganic synthesis and basic practical calculations.
Recommended or required reading:
POLÁČEK, Š. -- KULICH, J. -- LAHUČKÝ, L. -- VOLLMANNOVÁ, A. -- STANOVIČ, R. Laboratórne cvičenia z anorganickej chémie. 2nd ed. Nitra : Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita, 2002. 128 p. ISBN 80-7137-990-5.

GAŽO, J. a kol.: Anorganická chémia. Laboratórne cvičenia a výpočty. 2. vyd., Bratislava : Alfa, 1977.
GAŽO, J. a kol.: Laboratórne cvičenia a výpočty v anorganickej chémii. Bratislava : SVTL, 1967.
JAROŠ, F. Praktická toxikológia. Martin : Osveta, 1988.
PALEČEK, J., LINHART, I., HORÁK, J. Toxikologie a bezpečnost práce v chemii. Praha : VŠCHT, 1996.
POŠTA, A., FIKAR, J., HEMER, I., LIŠKA, F.: Laboratorní technika a bezpečnost práce. Praha : SNTL 1981.
Príručka prvej pomoci. Slovenský červený kríž, Bratislava : Perfekt, 2007.

Language of instruction: Slovak
Evaluation of course unit:
Assessed students in total: 282

100,0 %0 %
Name of lecturer(s): Ing. Marek Šnirc, PhD. (examiner, instructor)
doc. RNDr. Ing. Tomáš Tóth, PhD. (examiner, instructor, person responsible for course)
Ing. Pavol Trebichalský, PhD. (examiner, instructor)
Last modification: 24. 10. 2019
Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Ing. Tomáš Tóth, PhD. and programme supervisor

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