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prof. Ing. Adriana Kolesárová, PhD.
Identification number: 1505
University e-mail: adriana.kolesarova [at]
professor CSc./PhD. - Department of Animal Physiology (FBFS)
dekanát - centrum - Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
Vice-dean - Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences

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The selected person is an official solver of the following projects.

StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 Creation of a permanent network for internationalization and innovation of services and tools in the agro-food sector in the Central Europe areaA. KolesárováInterregsupervisor01.01.201631.12.2018
2 Creation of a permanent network for internationalization and innovation of services and tools in the agro-food sector in the Central Europe area.A. KolesárováOP Ľudské zdrojesupervisor01.01.201631.12.2018
3 Detection of exogenous and endogenous regulators of animal reproductive functionsA. KolesárováVEGAsupervisor01.01.201331.12.2015
4 Determination of effects and cellular mechanisms of biological active substancesA. KolesárováGeneral callssupervisor01.10.201330.09.2017
5 Determination of the effects of natural bioregulators on animal reproductive functionsA. KolesárováVEGAsupervisor01.01.201631.12.2019
6 Developing higher educatioN through establishing heAlth training center for transferring microarray TechnologyV. VietorisErasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniaExpert15.10.201814.10.2021
7 EIT Food HubA. KolesárováGranty nadáciísupervisor01.03.201931.12.2020
8 EIT Food HubA. KolesárováMVTSsupervisor01.03.201931.12.2020
9 Emerging food risks identification platformA. KolesárováGranty nadáciísupervisor22.09.201630.11.2016
10 Environmental Assessment System- Integrated Management of Environmental SustainabilityA. KolesárováInterregsupervisor01.01.201631.12.2018
11 Environmental Assessment System - Integrated management of the environmental sustainabilityA. KolesárováOP Ľudské zdrojesupervisor01.01.2016
12 Environmental factor and in vitro toxicityA. KolesárováGA SPUsupervisor01.01.200931.12.2010
13 Factors affecting physiological functions of animal ovarian cellsA. KolesárováGA SPUsupervisor01.01.200731.12.2008
14 Health-promoting potential of polyphenol-rich fruit extractsA. KolesárováBilateral cooperationsupervisor01.08.201931.07.2022
15 Innovation in Reproductive Science and TechnologyA. KolesárováErasmus Mundussupervisor01.09.201930.06.2021
16 Integrated methodologies for the risk assessment of mycotoxin mixtures in food and feedA. KolesárováMedzinárodné výskumné projekty (inde nezaradené)supervisor01.01.201731.12.2018
17 Intensification of education quality in the field of Reproductive biology and toxicologyA. KolesárováKEGAsupervisor01.01.201631.12.2018
18 Intensification of the quality of education in the field of animal reproductionA. KolesárováGranty nadáciísupervisor01.09.2018
19 Internationalization of new doctoral study programme in English "Food Resources and Biotechnology"A. KolesárováKEGAsupervisor01.01.202031.12.2022
20 Intracellular response of ovarian and intestinal system on application of Fusarium toxinsA. KolesárováBilateral cooperationsupervisor01.01.201631.12.2017
21 Modulation effects of phytonutrients in relation to consumer healthA. KolesárováGeneral callssupervisor01.07.201930.06.2023
22 Modulation effects of phytonutrients in relation to reproductive health and prevention of civilization diseasesA. KolesárováVEGAsupervisor01.01.202031.12.2023
23 Mycotoxins in Foodstuffs of Plant and Animal Origin: Their Occurrence from Farm to Fork and Elimination of Toxic EffectsA. KolesárováMedzinárodné výskumné projekty (inde nezaradené)supervisor01.01.201731.12.2020
24 Nutraceuticals - biological and biotechnological aspects of increasing health and reproduction of animalsA. KolesárováGeneral callssupervisor01.07.201830.06.2022
25 Periconceptional programming of Health outcomes in Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Diabetes and ObesityA. KolesárováCOST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)supervisor01.04.201901.04.2023
26 Realistic occurrence of mycotoxins in feed and foodA. KolesárováGranty nadáciísupervisor22.09.201630.11.2016
27 Renal disease in obesity and diabetesA. KolesárováCOST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)supervisor01.05.201901.05.2023
28 Reunion of European Xenotransplantation ResearchA. KolesárováCOST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)supervisor01.04.201901.04.2023
29 Sparking new life into food safety research: safe food for tomorrowA. KolesárováCOST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)supervisor01.04.201901.04.2023
30 The anti-cancer potential of phytosubstances from traditional and non-traditional fruitsA. KolesárováBilateral cooperationsupervisor01.01.201931.12.2020

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