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doc. Ing. Ľuboš Jurík, PhD.
Identification number: 1528
University e-mail: lubos.jurik [at]
associate professor CSc./PhD. - Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (FZKI)

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StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 Anthropogenic impacts on production and quality of surface runoff from small basins in conditions as climate changeD. HúskaVEGAriešiteľ01/01/201112/31/2013
2 Central European Rural Wastewater (CERuWa)Ľ. JuríkInterregsupervisor01/01/201912/31/2021
3 Climate change adaptation for rural development: blended learning and dissemination in V4 and EaPĽ. JuríkVisegrad University Studies Grantssupervisor02/01/201707/31/2018
4 Cradle-to-Cradle in Higher EducationĽ. JuríkErasmus Mundussupervisor01/01/201409/30/2014
5 Effective irrigation management as a device of changing climate adpatationV. BárekAPVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠ active investigator07/01/201506/30/2019
6 Environmenálne právo - e-learningové štúdium a multimediálne vzdelávanie.Ľ. JuríkKEGAsupervisor01/01/200412/31/2006
7 Formation and quality of surface runoff from small basins and selected villages with focus on phosphorus cycle and fine soil particles transport under conditions of the changedĽ. JuríkVEGAsupervisor01/01/201412/31/2016
8 Formation of an R & D network with German, Hungarian, Slovak and Romanian partnersĽ. Juríkštátne programy výskumu a vývojasupervisor04/27/201512/31/2015
9 Integrovanie obsahu a foriem výuky predmetu Vodné stavby na univerzitách a vytvorenie multimediálnej učebnice pre tento predmet.Ľ. JuríkKEGAsupervisor01/01/200812/31/2010
10 Inter-University Sustainable Development Research ProgrammeĽ. JuríkMedzinárodná vedecko-technická spoluprácasupervisor10/01/201512/30/2020
11 KNOWLEDGE CONVERSION FOR ENHANCING MANAGEMENT OF EUROPEAN RIPARIAN ECOSYSTEMS AND SERVICESĽ. JuríkCOST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)supervisor01/23/201812/31/2021
12 Management of the Soil Moisture Regime as a Tool for Climate Change AdaptationV. BárekVEGAaktívny riešiteľ01/01/201412/31/2016
13 Management optimalization of the system of water reservoirs as the flood and drought protectionĽ. JuríkAPVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠPrincipal Investigator06/01/201506/30/2019
14 Mobile system the injection, precision irrigation and fertilization, satisfying the individual needs of plantsĽ. Juríkrozvojový projektsupervisor01/01/201705/01/2021
15 Monitoring of Elements of Environment - practical courseT. KaletováKEGAresearcher04/03/201712/31/2019
16 Natural Flood Retention on Private LandĽ. JuríkCOST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)supervisor01/23/201812/31/2018
17 Odpadové hospodárstvo-študijný program,tvorba učebných plánov pre I.,II.,III. stupeň vzdelávania- tvorba učebných plánov a učebnícV. BárekKEGAaktívny riešiteľ01/01/201112/31/2013
18 Production and quality of surface runoff from small catchments in climate change conditions.Ľ. JuríkVEGAsupervisor01/01/201112/31/2013
19 Research mobilization, transport and sedimentation of phosphorus and suspended solids after odnose erosion in small watersheds and their impact on biota in rivers and reservoirsĽ. JuríkVEGAsupervisor01/01/201612/31/2018
20 Research of Phosphorus fluxes and fine soil particles transport at the soil, water, sediments, biota, rivers and reservoirs interface.Ľ. JuríkVEGAsupervisor01/01/201512/31/2017
21 Research of processes of movement of phosphorus and fine soil particles in the system soil, water, sediment, biota in rivers and reservoirsĽ. JuríkAPVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠsupervisor07/01/201606/30/2020
22 Research the common transportation processes of the phosphorus and other substances with sediments and their impact on water quality status of water bodiesĽ. JuríkVEGAsupervisor01/01/201712/31/2021
24 Social and Economic Impacts of the Expressway Road R1 PR1BINAE. HorskáZmluva o dieloRiešiteľ09/27/201701/15/2018
25 The composition of municipal solid waste and its impact on the economic and environmental sustainability of waste management.A. BárekováVEGAzástupca vedúceho projektu01/01/201112/31/2013
26 Uni goes global - The EYD2015 as strategic means for awareness raising in Higher EducationĽ. JuríkGranty nadáciísupervisor01/30/201411/30/2014
27 Use of hydromelioration structures for mitigation of the negative extreme hydrological phenomena effects and their impacts on the quality of water bodies in agricultural landscapesĽ. JuríkAPVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠresponsible researcher07/01/201706/30/2021
29 Visegrad-Water-SecurityĽ. JuríkVisegrad Grantssupervisor02/01/201912/31/2020
30 Výskum a vývoj podpovrchovej kvapkovej závlahy vyčistenými vodami z malej čistiarne odpadových vôd.Ľ. JuríkVEGAsupervisor01/01/200812/31/2010
31 Výskum a vývoj podpovrchovej kvapkovej závlahy vyčistenými vodami z malej ČOVĽ. JuríkVEGAsupervisor01/01/200812/31/2010

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