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prof. Ing. Ján Pokrivčák, PhD.
Identification number: 1611
University e-mail: jan.pokrivcak [at]
professor CSc./PhD. - Department of Economic Policy (FEM)
Chief official - Department of Economic Policy (FEM)

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StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 AgfoodtradeJ. PokrivčákMVTSsupervisor01/01/200812/31/2011
2 AGMEMOD 2020J. PokrivčákMVTSsupervisor01/01/200612/31/2008
3 Agricultural Trade AgreementsJ. PokrivčákMVTSsupervisor01/01/200512/31/2008
4 Assessment of the impacts of non-tariff measures - NTM on the competitiveness of the EU and selected trade partners.J. PokrivčákAPVVsupervisor01/01/200912/31/2012
5 = bez názvu =J. PokrivčákMVTSsupervisor01/01/200312/31/2005
6 = bez názvu =J. Pokrivčákštátne objednávky výskumu a vývojasupervisor01/01/200312/31/2005
7 Bio-economy Regulations: Law, Economics and PoliciesJ. PokrivčákHorizontsupervisor07/01/201806/30/2022
8 Biofuels and their impact on global agricultural and other markets.J. PokrivčákVEGAsupervisor01/01/200912/31/2011
9 Comparative Analysis of Factor Markets for Agriculture across the Member States.J. PokrivčákAPVVsupervisor01/01/201012/31/2015
10 Development of Agriculture in Visegrad CountriesJ. PokrivčákVisegrad Grantssupervisor01/01/201312/31/2014
11 Development of new career opportunities in the wine and wine related industriesJ. PokrivčákErasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniasupervisor09/01/201708/31/2020
12 EU Agricultural and Energy Policy and Food SecurityJ. PokrivčákJean Monetsupervisor09/01/201509/01/2015
13 EU integration and adaptation of EU biofuel policiesJ. PokrivčákAPVVsupervisor01/01/200812/31/2010
14 Factor marketsJ. PokrivčákAPVVsupervisor01/01/200912/31/2010
15 Food SecureJ. PokrivčákFP7supervisor03/01/201208/31/2017
16 Food Security in Central and Eastern Europe: The Impact of World markets, Policies, and InstitutionsJ. PokrivčákGeneral callssupervisor07/01/201512/31/2018
17 Food security in transition countriesE. BielekováVEGAzástupca vedúceho projektu01/01/201712/31/2019
18 Food Security, Poverty, and Vulnerable Groups: the Role of PoliciesJ. PokrivčákGeneral callssupervisor07/01/201706/30/2020
19 Foreign direct investments in the Slovak RepublicJ. PokrivčákVEGAsupervisor01/01/200612/31/2008
20 Framework contract for the evaluation of CAP measures contributing to the general objective of viable food productionJ. PokrivčákEC Tender (Tender Európskej komisie)supervisor01/01/201701/01/2017
21 Impacts of agricultural subsidies on productivity of farms and food securityJ. PokrivčákVEGAsupervisor01/01/201512/31/2017
22 International agricultural economicsJ. PokrivčákKEGAsupervisor01/01/201512/31/2017
23 Jean Monnet Chair in Agricultural Policy AnalysisJ. PokrivčákJean Monetsupervisor09/01/201509/01/2015
24 lobal Commodity Prices, Price Transmission, and Food SecurityJ. PokrivčákGeneral callssupervisor07/01/201212/31/2015
25 Measuring, Modelling and Monitoring of the BioeconomyJ. PokrivčákGeneral callssupervisor07/01/202006/30/2023
26 Modern Textbook in International Economics and Agricultural Policy for a New Study ProgrammeJ. PokrivčákKEGAsupervisor01/01/200812/31/2010
27 Monitoring the BioeconomyJ. PokrivčákHorizontsupervisor06/01/201805/31/2022
28 Multifunctionality of Slovak agricultureJ. PokrivčákVEGAsupervisor01/01/200312/31/2005
29 Nadácia VÚB Otorená grantová schéma pre vzdelavanie:Foreign Guest Professor 2013J. PokrivčákGranty nadáciísupervisor01/01/201406/30/2014
30 New Isssues in Agriculural, Food and Bioenergy Trade.J. PokrivčákAPVVsupervisor01/01/200812/31/2011
31 New Isssues in Agriculural, Food and Bioenergy Trade.J. PokrivčákAPVVsupervisor01/01/200812/31/2011
32 NTM-ImpactJ. PokrivčákAPVVsupervisor01/01/200812/31/2011
33 Pass-through of Unfair Trading Practices in EU food supply chains: Methodology and Empirical ApplicationJ. PokrivčákEC Tender (Tender Európskej komisie)supervisor11/07/201811/06/2019
34 Potential and perspectives of the Slovak agri-food market developmentJ. PokrivčákGeneral callssupervisor07/01/201912/31/2022
35 Recent developments in food supply chains: the impact of increasing concentration, producer organizations, unfair trade practices, and changing consumer preferencesJ. PokrivčákVEGAsupervisor01/01/201812/31/2020
36 Sustainable Innovation for the Agri-Food SectorJ. PokrivčákInterregsupervisor07/01/201712/31/2020
37 The European Union and the United Nations: Exploring Global Problem Solving StrategiesJ. PokrivčákHorizontsupervisor03/13/201803/13/2018
38 Transparency of Food PricingJ. PokrivčákAPVVsupervisor01/01/201112/31/2015
39 Transparency of Food PricingJ. PokrivčákFP7supervisor01/01/201112/31/2013
40 Vplyv reforiem na produktivitu a kvalitu univerzít na SlovenskuJ. PokrivčákGranty nadáciísupervisor01/01/200512/31/2006

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