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prof. Ing. Norbert Lukáč, PhD.
Identification number: 1626
University e-mail: norbert.lukac [at]
professor CSc./PhD. - Department of Animal Physiology (FBFS)
dekanát - centrum - Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
Dean - Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences

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The selected person is an official solver of the following projects.

StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 Analysis of the modulatory effects of biologically active substances on the physiological and pathological oxidative processes in cell modelsN. LukáčGeneral callssupervisor07/01/201606/30/2020
2 Antioxidant potential of natural substances in mitigating negative effect of environmental contaminants on animal cellsM. CapcarováVEGAriešiteľ01/01/201212/31/2014
3 Application and exploitability of biologically active compounds of natural origin in bioeconomics: stimulation of homeostasis, protectivity of living systems, food qualityN. LukáčGeneral callssupervisor07/01/201506/30/2019
4 Application of the Tuning methodology in the improvement of the education process and creation of scholary tools and resources for the study programme of "Molecular Biology"N. LukáčKEGAsupervisor01/01/201612/31/2018
5 Determination of the effect of food chain risk factors on regulatory mechanisms of cellsN. LukáčVEGAsupervisor01/01/201912/31/2022
6 Effects of different storage and media of boar semen to the spermatozooa viabilityN. LukáčBilateral cooperationsupervisor01/01/201401/28/2015
7 Fortified antioxidant and specific IgY containing egg yolk for semen dilutionN. LukáčBilateral cooperationsupervisor01/01/201402/02/2015
8 Heavy metals and life quality of animals and humans in Visegrad countries.N. LukáčStandard Grantssupervisor03/01/201702/28/2018
9 Identification of oxidative stress exposure on regulatory processes of cellsN. LukáčVEGAsupervisor01/01/201412/31/2017
10 Imunobiológia živočíchov a človeka - príprava modernej vysokoškolskej učebnice.N. LukáčKEGAsupervisor01/01/200912/31/2011
11 Innovative approaches in education and creation of multimedia teaching materials for the study of Applied biologyN. LukáčKEGAsupervisor05/01/201712/31/2019
12 Tvorba klasickej a modernej multimediálnej učebnice pre predmet Biológia živočíšnej produkcieN. LukáčKEGAsupervisor01/01/201012/31/2011
13 Vplyv ťažkých kovov na antioxidačný status spermií (ejakulátov).N. LukáčBilateral cooperationsupervisor01/01/200912/31/2010
14 1.4 Aplikovaný výskum v experimentálnych biotechnológiáchN. LukáčOP Výskum a inováciesupervisor06/01/201305/31/2015

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