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Ing. Jana Kopčeková, PhD.
Identifikačné číslo: 1516
Univerzitný e-mail: jana.kopcekova [at] uniag.sk
odborná asistentka CSc./PhD. - Katedra výživy ľudí (FAPZ)

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Typ práce:
Diplomová práca
Názov práce:
Psoriáza a výživa
Ing. Miroslava Hránková
Pracovisko: Katedra výživy ľudí (FAPZ)
Vedúci práce: Ing. Jana Kopčeková, PhD.
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Záverečná práca bola úspešne obhájená

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Jazyk spracovania záverečnej práce:
slovenský jazyk

Názov práce:
Psoriasis and nutrition
Abstrakt:Psoriasis is a skin disease, which is considered as a chronic systemic inflammation. It is considered as treatable, but never completely curable disease, which affects more and more people in adolescent and older age. Psoriasis is associated with many various medical complications, especially civilization diseases or diseases of the immune system, which collectively are called comorbidities. The aim of this thesis was to make monitoring of the dietary habits in patients diagnosed with psoriasis treated in Spa Smrdáky. Monitoring was conducted by use of the questionnaire method and outcome evaluation of answers obtained. Patients answered the questions focused on lifestyle habits, their health condition and diagnosis. Patients were chosen randomly, but considering the presence of a psoriasis. The number of respondents for the purpose of this questionnaire was 50, including 34 women and 16 men. Regarding the age limit, the youngest respondent was 14 years old, the oldest has 68 years. The calculation of the average age of this sample of respondents was counted on 32 years. The amount of the students asked in this questionnaire is 22, number of employed persons is 26 and the remaining two were retired persons. Conclusion of the survey questions focused on the patient's behavior in the context of treatment, showed that food and diet is not considered as an effective factor with positive effects on their health or skin condition. Therefore is not surprising a fact that patients do not follow basic principles of balanced nutrition, or general recommendations which recommend to exclude certain types of food or food compounds. In reality was showed that medical diet as not very essential, since patients used various forms of therapies (local skin treatment, medication, spa treatment). Our results confirm the presence of comorbidities of psoriasis by 26%, it showed cases of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, celiac disease, elevated blood glucose levels as well as total cholesterol blood level. Based on the responses obtained, we can conclude that the consumption of patients with regard to the principles of balanced nutrition shows drowbacks, such as low fiber intake, low intake of fruit and vegetables and also insufficient intake of liquids. The positive fact revealed is the preference of vegetable oils in the food intake as well as fish consumption with frequency 1-2 times per week. An interesting fact is the conclusion that 34% of patients are tended to avoid of intake food containing allergens - most frequently gluten and dairy products, in the context of improving their health.
Kľúčové slová:
psoriasis, nutrition, comorbidities, diet

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