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doc. Ing. Lucia Tátošová, PhD.
Identification number: 1527
University e-mail: lucia.tatosova [at]
Associate professor - Department of Landscape Planning and Land Consolidation (FZKI)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis:
Diploma thesis
Thesis title:
Reclamation of Semeteš landfill
Written by (author):
Department: Department of Landscape Planning and Land Consolidation (FZKI)
Thesis supervisor:
Mgr. Zuzana Pucherová, PhD.
Final thesis progress:
Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Language of final thesis:

Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:Reclamation of Semeteš landfill
Summary:The point of this graduation thesis is description of technology of reclamation of closed landfills because of removal or reduction of negative impact on the environment and reintegration of landfill to the surrounding landscape, so the landfill doesn’t intervene the landscape. Thesis focuses on explaining of waste storing, dividing of landfills, process of closing up the landfills, process of reclamation, acquaint with technical and biological reclamation works, necessary materials and selection of suitable plants, so it will be possible to transform the landfill into a state, so it will function as self-sufficient and a esthetic ecosystem. The result of the thesis is the creation of own proposal of a procedure of reclamation of Turzovka-Semeteš landfill and the creation of an approximate budget for its implementation costs.
Key words:
reclamation of landfill, biological reclamation, landfill, technical reclamation, waste, section profile of reclamation

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