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Ing. Eva Tvrdá, PhD.
Identification number: 49880
University e-mail: eva.tvrda [at]
VŠ,DrSc./CSc./PhD. - Department of Animal Physiology (FBFS)

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Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis:
Diploma thesis
Thesis title:
The use of curcumin in the prevention of induced bacteriospermia of rooster ejaculates
Written by (author): Ing. Michaela Petrovičová
Thesis supervisor: Ing. Eva Tvrdá, PhD.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Title of the thesis:The use of curcumin in the prevention of induced bacteriospermia of rooster ejaculates
Bacteria are present everywhere around us and reproductive tract is not an exception. Bacteria can decrease reproductive capacity of sperm and spread inflamation in female reprodutive tract, also bacteria can pass to hen´s egg in formation and endanger human consuments. This thesis contains to two separate experimental parts. In the first one we focused on the comparison of commercial extendil medias used for short-term storage of rooster sperm. In the second part we focused on the effects of Salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa on the qualitative parameters of sperm and if curcumin as biological active compound can positively affect parameters bacteria worsen. Comparision of commercial media was made in unprocessed ejaculates diluted in Avian medium or Extendil medium. The effects of bacteria and curcumin were measured in washed sperm using Percoll and diluted in the Extendil medium. Qualitative parameters of sperm were measured immediately after collection/purification, after 2 and 24 hours of 4 °C storage. Observed parameters included motility of sperm obtained with computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA), viability and acrosomal integrity analysed with staining protocols on microscopical plates. Formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and mitochondrial membrane potencial were quantified with a luminometer. Bacterial colonies for comparision of medias were counted on agarose plates. The avian media could improve the viability in 2 hours of storage (P<0,001) but the motility decreased after 24 hours (P<0,001), formation of ROS was reduced after 24 hours (P<0,05) and number of bacteria was higher (P<0,0001). Extendil media show better motility (P<0,001), improved viability (P<0,001), reduced formation of ROS (P<0,001) but promoted a higher formation of bacteria (P<0,001) during the whole time of storage. S. enterica and E. coli acted negatively on the motility (P<0,01) and MMP (P<0,0001). Curcumin can positively affect the motility (P<0,01) and MMP (P<0,0001). P. aeruginosa decreased the motility (P<0,0001) and MMP (P<0,0001) as well, but curcumin couldn’t improve the observed parameters. Extendil media exhibited a better influence on sperm parameters when compared to Avian medium. Bacteria can negatively affect qualitative parameters of spermatozoa and curcumin could be a good choice to improve the motility and MMP worsen by S. enterica and E. coli in rooster sperm, but not to reverse the negative influence of P. aeruginosa.
Key words:
sperm, rooster, curcumin, bacteria

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