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doc. Ing. Radovan Savov, PhD.
Identifikačné číslo: 1215
Univerzitný e-mail: radovan.savov [at] uniag.sk
docent CSc./PhD. - Katedra manažmentu (FEM)
dekanát - centrum - Fakulta ekonomiky a manažmentu
Prodekan - Fakulta ekonomiky a manažmentu

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Základné informácie o záverečnej práci

Typ práce:
Habilitačná práca
Názov práce:
Talent manažment v podnikoch na Slovensku
Katedra manažmentu (FEM)
Oponent 1:
prof. Ing. Ľudmila Nagyová, PhD.
Oponent 2:
doc. Ing. Helena Chládková, Ph.D.
Oponent 3:
prof. Ing. Ivana Tichá, Ph.D.
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Jazyk spracovania záverečnej práce:slovenský jazyk

Názov práce:
Talent Management in Slovak Enterprises
Talent management evaluation in conditions of companies operating business in Slovakia is the main goal of the thesis. This goal we tried to fulfil via research realized on set of 381 companies. Standardized questionnaire created by scientific academics in common project was used as a tool for data collection. This questionnaire was implemented also in other countries and that is the reason why it should be used for comparison with other V4 counties. In this thesis we would like to show factors which influence the level of talent management. Statistical significant differences were identified in the answers of respondents via statistical tests. From the results, we can conclude that economic results are the most significant factor followed by existence of HR department and by foreign capital allocation. Also the strengths and weaknesses in the process of talent management were identified in the set of searched companies. We consider for strength the fact, that managers in companies realized the talent management as a strategic tool to achieve competitive advantage on the market. Work positions are divided into key and peripheral and the fact that employees are evaluated systematically can be named as other strengths for talent management process in Slovakia. According to these results the planning of development should be created. Promotion of employees is based on real objective criteria and the above average skills and competencies are used in recruitment process. But there also some weaknesses identified in this research. Strategy of talented individuals is considered as a very difficult for implementation. Companies don’t make special activities for talent acquisition and carrier plans absent in the phase of development. The problems can be seen also in the area of financial support of talents especially in the process of talent retaining. When we compare Slovakia with other countries then we can see that Slovakia has better results in the phase of identification a recruitment of talents and in the process of strategy of human resources. On the other side, worse results are in the phase of development and retaining of talent. This thesis contains also two best practices of talent management in real life of companies. It should help to other companies to implement talent management with success. Last part is focused on talent perception by employees. Into this results 307 employees were included. The main important factor which influence the perception of talent management there is the number of years worked for company followed by the age of respondents. Contrary, level of education and gender are factors that don’t influence the practice of talent management in company.
Kľúčové slová:
process, strategy, talent, management, development

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