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doc. Ing. Ondrej Lukáč, PhD.
Identifikačné číslo: 1452
Univerzitný e-mail: ondrej.lukac [at] uniag.sk
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Záverečná práca

Základné informácie

Základné informácie o záverečnej práci

Typ práce: Habilitačná práca
Názov práce:Modelovanie a simulácia regulačných obvodov
Pracovisko: Technická fakulta
Oponent 1:doc. Ing. Jozef Rédl, PhD.
Oponent 2:
prof. Ing. Veronika Stoffová, CSc.
Oponent 3:
prof. Ing. Jaromír Volf, DrSc.
Stav záverečnej práce:
Záverečná práca bola úspešne obhájená

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Jazyk spracovania záverečnej práce:slovenský jazyk

Názov práce:
Modeling and simulation of control circuits
The habilitation thesis deals with analog control loops, modelling and simulation of various dynamic systems, control algorithms in the regulation of selected physical quantities and design of measuring chains of selected variables. It is presented as a collection of scientific research with comments. Subsequently, the set of presented scientific papers substantially includes the issues of measurement of physical quantities, identification of regulatory systems, design and implementation of control algorithms and classical methods using fuzzy logic. An important area is also the modelling, simulation and visualization of technological processes. The individual sections will focus at following sub-issues: the measurement of fundamental physical quantities; where we focused on the measuring of the flow rate of liquids and gases, temperature, humidity and lighting in greenhouses as well as soil compaction, the management and control of technological processes; where the universal digital controller, settings of the PID controller in closed-loop, fuzzy control of the ventilation and microclimate conditions in a greenhouse farms and its impact on the consumption of electricity were designed, the modelling and simulation of dynamic systems; where we modelled basic electrical circuits, heat exchangers, DC motor with separate excitation and control loop with PID controller. The Introductory Section contains a brief description of the terms "management" and "control", and classifies the various methods of automatic control in terms of the processing of quantities and output demand. The Experimental Section of the published papers which will be presented focuses on the components contained in the regulatory and control circuits. The paper proposes novel methods of measuring physical quantities as well as management and simulation methods of selected technological processes. Commentary on the presented scientific research is divided into three parts which converge. In the individual chapters we propose relevant techniques of measuring selected quantities and techniques of controlling by the traditional methods as well as by using a fuzzy controller. In the third section we designed the models of dynamic systems in Matlab-Simulink, based on which the simulations were conducted. The set of published scientific papers includes the following experimental results: The draft model of the light radiation sensor and the utilization of fuzzy controller for illuminance management. The utilization of the of mobile robot's laser navigation, The simulation of DC motor with separate excitation, conducted in the program Matlab, The simulation shell heat exchanger, conducted in the program Matlab, The design and implementation of the universal digital controller, The design and implementation of a sensor for measuring the flow rate of liquids and gases The study of the effects of PID regulators' coefficients calculated by different methods of quality control, The visualization of a pumping station in SCADA environment, The design and implementation of a cone penetrometer, The design and implementation of pressure measurement in diesel engines. The experimental results of measuring fundamental quantities, the management of basic technological processes and the modelling of dynamic systems are presented in the Chapter: Evaluation of published results. The scientific contribution of the presented papers is evaluated at the end of the dissertation thesis together with recommendations for further research.
Kľúčové slová:
measuring and control, management of technological processes, controller, modelling and simulation of systems

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