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Ing. Peter Stuchlý, PhD.
Identification number: 181
University e-mail: peter.stuchly [at]
Lecturer - Department of Informatics (FEM)

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Final thesis

Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis:
Dissertation thesis
Thesis title:The information system designed to manage business processes to reduce business costs
Written by (author):
Ing. Peter Stuchlý, PhD.
Thesis supervisor:
Opponent 1:
prof. Ing. František Kuzma, PhD.
Opponent 2:
Ing. Eva Hlušková, PhD.
Opponent 3:
Final thesis progress:
Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:The information system designed to manage business processes to reduce business costs
Nowadays companies must, even more than ever before, fight with continuous uncertainty, if they want to survive in the tough competition on the global market. They at least try to moderate this uncertainty. Each of the successful companies tries to achieve it in a different manner -- they select a different strategy. These efforts have however one thing in common. It is the continuous development and adapting of the management system both to the surrounding conditions as well as the strategy they decided to apply. The Bussiness Process Management is presently unquestionable follower of the classic functionalist linear staff management that has been developing and improving already for decades. The process management is now perceived amongst the new managerial methods and intiatives as an " exceptional frontal initiative" and is brought forward by the management theoreticians and one of the most suitable, complex and efficient approaches. The result of this fight is a uniqeu value for the customer, which always originates as a result of the efficiently set processes. Our goal isn't to describe accurately and without errors all of the processes, or all processes in the company. For this reason, the primary objective of the thesis is to evaluate and improve the information system in relation to a specific group of processes with an impact on business costs. In connection with that primary objective we design several sub-objectives. We used data from selected partners of Slovak Telekom, a.s. to meet the primary objective of the work. We used process cost model which help us to evaluate the various activities within the selected process. The results are presented in the form of graphical methods. In the first part of the thesis, we focused to perform environment in which our research took place. At first place we introduced the company, which relates to our research. Then we introduced an information system that provides management of processes in the company. In connection with the information system, we also introduce services provided by the company and which are processed by information system. Subsequently, in connection with the information system we are presented the various processes and we will focus on one selected, called the process of setting up services. In this process we monitor the costs expended on activities in the process of setting up services. By using of the model process costs we are revealed in activities where the effective expend of costs on activities is poor. Therefore it was necessary to identify the reasons that cause this situation and then formulate own proposals, which would have an impact on higher effective expend of costs related to individual activities.
Key words:
information system, set of processes, process, activities, costs

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