Summary of topics offered - Faculty of Economics and Management

Basic information

Type of work:
Diploma thesis
The role of information technology in small and medium-sized enterprises
State of topic: approved (doc. Ing. Klára Hennyeyová, CSc. - head of department)
Thesis supervisor:
Faculty of Economics and Management
Supervising department:
Department of Informatics - FEM
Max. no. of students:1
Academic year:2019/2020
Proposed by:
Ing. Marcela Hallová, PhD.
Summary: Information technology has very real impact in most of industries and in all aspects of economy, while businesses and enterprises continue to undergo considerable changes. Modern businesses are not possible without help of information technology, which is having a significant impact on the operations of small and medium sized enterprises and it is claimed to be essential for the survival and growth of economies in general. Aim of this work is to describe the role of ICT in these enterprises.

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