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Dissertation thesis
Determinants of Farmland Conversion and its Abandonment in the EU
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approved (prof. Ing. Zlata Sojková, CSc. - Chairperson of Departmental Board)
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topic for all faculties
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Department of Statistics and Operations Research - FEM
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In the period 2015-2030 about 11% of agricultural land in the EU are under high potential risk of abandonment which can affect rural development and environmental sustainability. Economic factors and market instruments, including the EU CAP could mitigate those potential risks. The study will focus on the assessment of agricultural land abandonment by the EU regions. Effects of the agricultural land conversion and abandonment determinants will be assessed using the econometric models. The impact of agricultural, environmental and regional policies instruments and the impact of other factors e.g. demographic, macroeconomic will be estimated. Data of the Eurostat, European Commission DG Agri, DG Environment and selected EU MS Statistical Offices.

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