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Type of work: Dissertation thesis
Farming Employment in the EU: Current Challenges and Perspective
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approved (prof. Ing. Zlata Sojková, CSc. - Chairperson of Departmental Board)
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Faculty of Economics and Management
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Department of Economic Policy - FEM
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doc. Ing. Artan Qineti, PhD.
Employment in EU farming has been in long-term decline, as rising agricultural productivity due to mechanisation has reduced the need for labour and because of older farmer’s progressive retirement. The overall aim of the dissertation project is to provide an overview of the current structure of the agricultural labour force as well as to analyse the main determinants of the future employment evolution. There will be used economic models of labor allocation to analyze the reaction of agricultural employment to changes in returns to agricultural labor. In these models agricultural subsidy programs are expected to have a positive impact on agricultural employment because they increase agricultural incomes. Based on theory, empirical estimation will be performed to analyze agricultural employment and related policy issues. Empirical estimation will be conducted at the EU level as well as at national levels. Econometric estimation at national level will be complemented with a series of case studies which will take into consideration differing structure of farms and agricultural sectors in EU member states. In particular case studies will be conducted in selected countries including Slovakia. In the empirical analysis, a specific focus will be on the effects of investment support to farms (treatment) on their performance as measured by the average treatment on the treated (ATT) a widely applied method in the literature for counterfactual impact analysis of policies . The empirical analysis of the dissertation project will be a combination of a thorough review of the literature, of using descriptive statistics from the best data sources available, qualitative analysis, econometric analysis at the national and EU-wide levels, and in-depth case studies. In combination, the project will provide insights beyond the current state of scholarship, and deliver original content in the form of analysis, synthesis and top research.

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