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Bio-based development potential for Central and Eastern Europe (SEP-210526355)20192019HorizontJ. GadušDRBE FESRD
Bioenergy technologies in terms of environmental policy of the European Union and Slovakia (textbook) (007SPU-4/2019)20182021KEGAJ. GadušDRBE FESRD
Centre for the Research of Biomass Potential (program SK07 – Green Industry Innovation, č. projektu GIIP001, NFM)20152017Granty nadáciíJ. GadušDRBE FESRD
Comprehensive research of non-food biomass production, biochemical and thermochemical conversion process (APVV-15-NEWPROJECT-8011)20162020General callsJ. GadušDRBE FESRD
Komplex optimization of the production process and biochemical conversion of non-good biomass (APVV-14-0488)20152018General callsJ. GadušDRBE FESRD
Research of alternative input materials for biogas station Bzovík (NI/1-355/2018/SPUGa)20182018Zmluva o dieloJ. GadušDRBE FESRD
Research of the biogas production from unconventional biological decomposable matter (SK–CZ-0099-11)20122013Bilateral cooperationJ. GadušCVOZE TF
Research on the effect of ultrasound on pretreatment of biomass for the biogas production (90/2018/SPU)20182018Zmluva o dieloJ. GadušDRBE FESRD
Strengthening Agroecosystem Resilience: Hydropedological and Biohydrological Aspects (2/0053/18)20172020VEGAJ. GadušDRBE FESRD

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