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.20172019SUA Grant Agency M. TárníkováKKPaPÚ FZKI
- Vplyv eróznych procesov na zmenu organizácie poľnohospodárskej krajiny. (1/4404/07)20072009VEGA J. StreďanskýKKPaPÚ FZKI
Aktion Austria - Slovakia: Research grant for PostDocs20142014Bilateral cooperationM. TárníkováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Analysis of land use potential with respect to humidity regime in climate change conditions20192020SUA Grant Agency M. TárníkováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Application of the connectivity concept in water erosion research for the purposes of integrated catchment protection (SK-AT-2017-0008)20182019Bilateral cooperationE. AydinKBaH FZKI
Applied research and evaluation of landscapes, ecosystems and ecosystem services in the Slovak Republic20172017OP Výskum a inovácieK. HalászováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Assessment of the impact of global change in landscape and society and their impact on the management of sustainable development20172017OP Výskum a inovácieK. HalászováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Biologicky rozložiteľný odpad -- minimalizácia nákladov na jeho zber, triedenie, transport a využitie. Modelový objekt -- obec. (1/0594/14)20142016VEGA L. TátošováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Ceepus- teacher mobility (CIII-CZ-0311-09-1617-M-97843)20162016CEEPUSL. TátošováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Climatic changes impact on grain soil properties eroded by wind and the management techniques mitigations' proposals.2020--VEGA L. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Creation of a data foundation/base for the implementation of an information system on land consolidations (1/0656/12)20122015VEGA Z. MuchováKKPaPÚ FZKI
CZECH REPUBLIC - short-term research/lecture stay for researchers and university teachers (11659)20142014CEEPUSJ. HalvaKKPaPÚ FZKI
Decision-making in the landscape planning as a result of the perception of the country by population20162016SUA Grant Agency M. TárníkováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Development of new methodologies and a strategy on common NATURA 2000 site assessment in Central Europe (CE1203)20172020Interreg Central EuropeM. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
Digital Photogrammetry Potential in Research of Erosion20152015VEGA M. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
Ecological aspect of landscaping (1/0673/16)20162019VEGA Z. MuchováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Educational documents in the field of geographic information systems in spatial planning (043SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGA K. ŠinkaKKPaPÚ FZKI
E-learning implementation within profile subjects in Waste management module at the Horticulture and Landscape Engineering Faculty (035SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGA A. BárekováKKPaPÚ FZKI
E-learning within profile subjects in Waste management module (042SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGA A. BárekováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Erasmus + (KKM, ZF, JCU)20162016Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility of individualsJ. HalvaKKPaPÚ FZKI
Erasmus + (KKM, ZF, JCU)20172017Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility of individualsJ. HalvaKKPaPÚ FZKI
ERASMUS Staff Mobility - Training Assignment20162016Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility of individualsA. BárekováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Establishing new scientific and research networking in the field of water reservoir storage capacity monitoring addressing the issue of climate change.20162017Bilateral cooperationL. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Geografické informačné systémy v krajinnom inžinierstve (046SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGA K. ŠinkaKKPaPÚ FZKI
Geographical information systems in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (025SPU-4/2017)20172019KEGA K. ŠinkaKKPaPÚ FZKI
Green industry innovation (Nórske fondy)20162017Bilateral cooperationL. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Challenges for forest management in eastern Austria: Will we be able to control wind erosion under climate change?20172020Bilateral cooperationL. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Challenges for forest management in eastern Austria: Will we be able to control wind erosion under climate change? (KR18AC0K14642)20192022Bilateral cooperationL. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Challenges in management of Agricultural Landscape: Changing the grain composition of the soil eroded by wind due to climate change.20182021VEGA L. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Importance of environmental criteria at commissioning land consolidation projects (1/0452/20)20202023VEGA Z. MuchováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Improving life in a changing environment through Biophilic Design (ILIBID)20182018Horizont 2020L. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Innovation in Intelligent Management of Heritage Buildings (i2MHB) -- COST Action TD 1406 (i2MHB)20152019COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)M. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
Laboratory of Remote Sensing of the Earth, Photogrametry, GIS and in situ technologies for Reasearch, Education and Application in Landscape Engineering (031SPU-4/2019)20192019KEGA L. TátošováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Letná škola praktickej geodézie20182019Granty nadáciíJ. HalvaKKPaPÚ FZKI
LIFE-STRESS: Strategies and Tools for Resilient European Smart Societies (LIFE15 ENV/IT/000718)20162019Horizont 2020M. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
Manažment odpadov v krajine20182018CEEPUSA. BárekováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Measuring the impact of spatial data and services on the performance of public sector processes (Proposal ID 693926)20162016Horizont 2020M. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
Modelovanie intenzity veternej erózie pomocou veterného tunela20152015VEGA L. Lackóová
Nadacia tatrabanky - Kvalita vzdelávania 201520162016Granty nadáciíJ. HalvaKKPaPÚ FZKI
Nature-based solutions for urban air quality and climate change towards better quality of life (SEP-210644217)2020--Horizont 2020L. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Open Educational and Information Cycle on Land Consolidation and its Aspects under Interdepartmental Umbrella (008SPU-4/2017)20172019KEGA Z. MuchováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Optimization of Methodological Procedures for Land Consolidation (51501856)20152016Granty nadáciíZ. MuchováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Podpora užívateľov IKT využitím technológií data-miningu (4535)20042004ITZ. MuchováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Pozemkové úpravy - postupy, prístupy a vysvetlenia (698/04200)20102010KEGA Z. MuchováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Protected and Endangered Plant Species Monitoring (MyGeoss)20152016Horizont 2020M. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy20162018COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)L. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Role of the landscape forming, with focus on the evaluation of the ecological stability of the territory, in the projects of the comprehensive land adaptation (1/1317/04)20042006VEGA Z. MuchováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Set of basic texts in the field of land consolidations, including multimedia textbooks and an e-learning system (037SPU-4/2011)20112013KEGA Z. MuchováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Set of educational documents in the field of geographic information systems in spatial planning (043SPU-4/2014)20142016KEGA K. ŠinkaKKPaPÚ FZKI
Set of educational documents in the field of geographic information systems in spatial planning (031SPU-4/2015)20152017KEGA K. ŠinkaKKPaPÚ FZKI
Social participation in spatial planning as a challenge for future V4 land managemen (Project number 201810003)20182020Standard GrantsJ. SupukaKZaKA FZKI
Soil Erosion and Erosion Control in Agricultural Land - Importance of Soil Use and Management20162019General callsL. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Soil water erosion expansion and intensity identification using photogrammetric method. (1/0671/14)20142016VEGA J. HalvaKKPaPÚ FZKI
Strategy to Strengthen Ecosystem Management (CE1216)20172020Interreg Central EuropeM. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
Studying the conditions for Soil Erosion and Erosion Control in Agricultural Land20182018APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠ SRL. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Studying the conditions for Soil Erosion and Erosion Control in Agricultural Land (APVV-16-0274)20172020APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠ SRL. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Support for information activities in the protection and restoration of biodiversity and soil and promoting ecosystem services20182019OP Kvalita životného prostrediaK. HalászováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Supporting information activities aimed at reducing the risk of floods and objectively informing about the adverse effects of climate change (310020R571)20192020OP Kvalita životného prostrediaJ. HorákKBaH FZKI
Supporting the EU integration through EMAS scheme implementation20132013Jean MonetL. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
The composition of municipal solid waste and its impact on the economic and environmental sustainability of waste management. (1/0711/11)20112013VEGA A. BárekováKKPaPÚ FZKI
The impact of biological soil crust and microtopography on infiltration and flow of water in sandy soil (2/0054/14)20142017VEGA L. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Tvorba národnej sústavy kvalifikácií (ITMS26120130023)20132015OP Ľudské zdrojeM. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
Use of digital photogrammetry to protect soil from the effects of erosion2020--VEGA M. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
Vplyv vegetácie na ochranu pôdy a vodný režim krajiny (1/0974/11)20112013VEGA A. StreďanskáKKPaPÚ FZKI
Využitie digitálnych fotogrametrických dát získaných nízkorozpočtovou technikou v projektoch komplexných pozemkových úpav. (743/04200)20082009SUA Grant Agency M. KlimentKKPaPÚ FZKI
Wind erosion in the Pannonian region: A major threat to arable soils under current and future climate conditions? (KR17AC0K13751)20182019Granty nadáciíL. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Wind Erosion Intensity Calculation Using Mathematical Modelation (1/0050/12)20122014VEGA L. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Wind tunnel testing in laboratory conditions focusing on the intensity of wind erosion impacts of vegetation soil cover20162016VEGA L. LackóováKKPaPÚ FZKI
Zvýšiť kvalitu a efektívnosť celoživotného vzdelávania na Fakulte záhradníctva a krajinného inžinierstva SPU v Nitre20182020OP Ľudské zdrojeK. HalászováDFZKI FZKI
3D Modeling and in Situ Technologies for Research, Teaching and Application in Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geoinformation Systems Laboratory20202022KEGA L. TátošováKKPaPÚ FZKI

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