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An electronic dictionary of financial terms in the form of a mobile phone application. (040SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGAI. HolúbekDF FEM
Creation of an electronic glossary of terminology in the field of finance with an emphasis on the issue of agriculture and rural finance. (044 SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAI. HolúbekDF FEM
Financial management and business risk in Slovak agriculture (046SPU-4/2016)20172019KEGAM. TóthDF FEM
Fiscal and Monetary Policy in EU (564913-EPP-1-2015-1-SK-EPPJMO-MODULE)20152015Jean MonetM. TóthDF FEM
Impact of Integration and Globalization on Business Risk in Slovak Agriculture20172019VEGAM. TóthDF FEM
Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on the mitigation of income risk in Slovak agriculture and factors determining the level of risk of agricultural companies (1/0338/18)20182020VEGAA. BoháčikováDF FEM
Investment strategies to change the input of a biogas station (1/0424/20)20202022VEGAR. SerenčéšDEP FEM
Knowledge sharing and innovation in agriculture and rural areas of the V4 and neighbouring countries20162016Small GrantsM. TóthDF FEM
The Central - Eastern EU Model for Competitive and Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development20152015Standard GrantsM. TóthDF FEM
The Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020 and the impact on the financial situation of farms in Slovak Republic (1/0912/14)20142016VEGAT. RábekDF FEM
Transmisný mechanizmus nástrojov SPP a ich dopad na finančnú situáciu poľnohospodárskych podnikov (1/0796/14)20142016VEGAZ. StrápekováDF FEM
V4 Scientific Centers for the Enhancement of Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Education20142015Standard GrantsM. TóthDF FEM

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