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Accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards (016SPU-4/2012)20122013KEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Accounting and marketing in enterprise information systems (interactive textbook) (046SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Controlling and Accounting System of the Enterprise (753)20102011GA SPUI. VáryováDA FEM
Cost accounting and enterprice information systems20102011KEGAE. ŠkorecováDA FEM
Creation of modern study materials in the English language for study programme „International business with agrarian commodities“ (020SPU-4/2018)20182018KEGAI. VáryováDA FEM
Determinants of increasing the competitiveness of agribusiness enterprises in synergy of managerial and accounting aspects (1/0842/12)20122013VEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Determinants to increase competitiveness of agri-sector enterprises in the information society (1/0788/11)20112012VEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Double entry accounting for business (university textbook in English) (029SPU-4/2013)20132014KEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Double-entry bookkeeping - an interactive textbook to support innovative education (016SPU-4/2020)20202022KEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Financial controlling in the agriculture of the Slovak Republic20172017GA SPUI. VáryováDA FEM
Financial controlling in the agriculture of the Slovak Republic20202020GA SPUI. VáryováDA FEM
Impact of business accounting and tax system on competitiveness and sustainability of primary agricultural companies in the Slovak Republic20152015VEGAA. Ferenczi VaňováDA FEM
Impact of Common Agricultural Policy changes on competitiveness, asset, yield, financial situation and employment of the agricultural companies in primary sector in Slovakia20142014VEGAA. Ferenczi VaňováDA FEM
Implementation of e-learning as an effective tool in teaching business accounting (048SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGAI. KošovskáDA FEM
Increasing the efficiency of decision making by managers, with the support of information systems and accounting (1/0489/15)20152017VEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Information systems and cost accounting20112012KEGAE. ŠkorecováDA FEM
Information systems in enterprice, accounting and marketing (interactive textbook) (027SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Information Systems of Enterprise (011SPU-4/2015)20152017KEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Inovácia foriem a metód vyučovacieho procesu vytvorením e-learningového vzdelávacieho modulu a elektronického testovacieho systému vo výučbe účtovníctva (029SPU-4/2017)20172019KEGAI. KošovskáDA FEM
Kreovanie nového študijného programu I. a II. stupňa medziodborového štúdia v odboroch 9.2.6 Informačné systémy a 3.3.15 Manažment (3/7359/09)20092010KEGAM. KučeraDA FEM
Managerial and accounting aspects of increasing the competitiveness of agribusiness enterprises (1/0950/14)20142015VEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Measurement variants of biological assets and their influence on profitability in agricultural companies ( 1/0527/19)20192021VEGAI. KošovskáDA FEM
Optimization of local fee in waste management of the Slovak Republic20172020GA SPUR. KrajčírováDA FEM
Selected issues of accounting and tax system of entrepreneurs in agriculture of the Slovak Republic20162016GA SPUI. VáryováDA FEM
Specifics of financial management of agricultural companies in the conditions of the Slovak Republic and selected member states of the European Union (1/0756/18)20182020VEGAM. KočnerDA FEM
Synergy management and accounting aspects of improving the competitiveness of companies. (1/0468/13)20132014VEGAA. LátečkováDA FEM
Utilization of non-traditional methods in biological assets measurement in companies of agricultural primary production in the SR (1/0588/18)20182020VEGAI. KošovskáDA FEM
Valuation of the biological assets as an important accounting tool and its influence on profitability of agricultural companies (1/0265/20)20202022VEGAI. KošovskáDA FEM

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