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Analysis of professional competencies of academic staff in the countries of Central Europe (SK-CZ-2013-0209)20132013APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Improving the quality of the teaching process at secondary vocational schools through the modernization of professional didactics of vocational subjects (051TUKE-4/2019)20192019KEGAT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Innovative concept of curriculum and methodological "e-support" for VET teachers preparation in the field of agriculture and food sciences (033SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGAT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Innovative model of curriculum and creation of "e-support" in preparation of teachers of proffessional agricultural and food science subjects (004SPU-4/2017)20172017KEGAT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Inovative concept of curriculum and methodical "e-support" for teacher preparation in proffesional agricultural and food science subjectss (007SPU-4/2018)20182018KEGAT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Integration through Education20152016Flagship projekt T. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Návrh a vývoj simulačnej hry v kontexte moderných inovácií na báze multiplatformovej synergie. (011UCM-4/2016)20152016KEGAT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Neurodidactic context of higher education20162016VEGAT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Neurodidactic context of higher education20172017APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠE. HorskáDMT FEM
Pedagogical competences of university teachers20172018Small GrantsT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Preparation of research in thefield of engineering education.20152015Visegrad Scholarship ProgramT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
State of secondary vocational agricultural - food education in the Nitra region and a proposal of its optimalization with the accent on professional preparation (APVV-17-0198)20182018General callsT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Stav stredoškolského odborného poľnohospodársko-potravinárskeho vzdelávania v Nitrianskom regióne a návrh jeho optimálnej štruktúry. (3/4279/06)20062008KEGAD. KučírkováCEPC FEM
Synergy for Strategies and Policies to Decline School Dropout20142014Erasmus (okrem mobilít)T. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
The conceptual modernization of content and methodic support for courses in higher education for teachers of technical universities (026SPU-4/2013)20132016KEGAT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
The development of professional competencies of staff in vocational education (Erasmus+ KA102)20172019Erasmu+ KA1 Individual MobilityE. ČernákováCEPC FEM
Visegrad Cooperation on Innovative Teaching and Training Practices in Higher Education (21920135)2019--Visegrad GrantsT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM
Vývoj inteligentnej hry na báze virtuálnej reality a eyetrackingu (003UCM-4/2017)20162017KEGAT. Šeben ZaťkováCEPC FEM

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