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Agricultural commodity outlook for JRC-IPTS study20052006EC Tender (Tender Európskej komisie)Ľ. BartováDSaOR FEM
AGricultural MEmber states MODelling20012004FP5Ľ. BartováDSaOR FEM
Agricultural Member States Modelling for the EU and Eastern European Countries - AGMEMOD 2020 (6RP/SSPE-CT-2005-021543)20062008FP6Ľ. BartováDSaOR FEM
Agricultural Trade Agreements(2005-2008) ( FP6-513666 )20052008FP6Ľ. BartováDSaOR FEM
Analysis of models of public services delivery in the field of construction order performance from the aspect of technical, size, and spatial allocation efficiency of local governments (1/0190/17)20172019VEGAP. FandelDSaOR FEM
Analýza horizontálnej integrácie poľnohospodárskych podnikov s využitím kvantitatívnej teórie efektívnosti (1/0893/10)20102012VEGAP. FandelDSaOR FEM
Bankruptcy model for companies in SR (1/0652/17)20172017VEGAJ. PalkovičDSaOR FEM
Conceptual modernization and support of the subject Econometrics (027SPU-4/2017)20172019KEGAJ. PalkovičDSaOR FEM
Design of Multidimensional evaluation of inteligent, sustainable and inclusive growth at national and regional level20202020GA SPUJ. PalkovičDSaOR FEM
Economic Growth, Global Commodity Markets and the Food and Nutrition Security in the Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans (1/0843/14)20142016VEGAM. HanováDSaOR FEM
Innovation of study materials and creation of electronic teaching tools for the economtric oriented subjects (001SPU-4/2020)20202022KEGAJ. PalkovičDSaOR FEM
Innovation of the subjects focused on econometrics (030SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAJ. PalkovičDSaOR FEM
Kreovanie študijného programu inžinierského stupňa v odbore 3.3.24 Kvantitatívne metódy v ekonómii. (3/2061/04)20042006KEGAZ. SojkováDSaOR FEM
Managerial Processes and its Optimization and Valuation (CIII-CZ-0911-05-1920)20162020CEEPUSP. FandelDSaOR FEM
Managing risk in agriculture to improve farmers' decision making under uncertainty (OC-2015-1-19600)20152015COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)Ľ. BartováDSaOR FEM
Managing risk in agriculture to improve farmers' decision making under uncertainty (OC-2015-2-20241 )20162016COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)Ľ. BartováDSaOR FEM
Measuring of inteligent, sustainable and inclusive growth, in the context of regional competitiveness20202022VEGAZ. SojkováDSaOR FEM
Methodological and application aspects of regional competitiveness investigation in the context of Europe 2020 (1/0862/16)20152018VEGAZ. SojkováDSaOR FEM
Modelling of food consumption in Slovakia - to quantify a sustainability20142016VEGAR. Benda ProkeinováDSaOR FEM
Promotion of data security and sector productivity on Ministry of Finances of Slovak Republic by data encryption and personal audit20152015Granty nadáciíJ. PalkovičDSaOR FEM
Prospects of the Visegrad cooperation in promoting a sustainable consumption and production model (31410066)20142016Strategic GrantsR. Benda ProkeinováDSaOR FEM
Public and private safety and quality requirements in the fresh produce sector in Central European countries20002001FP5Ľ. BartováDSaOR FEM
Quantification of the sustainable consumption by using modellong of consumer behaviour in the food consumption (VEGA 1/0890/16)20162018VEGAR. Benda ProkeinováDSaOR FEM
The conceptual modernization of content and support of the Econometrics ( 021SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGAJ. PalkovičDSaOR FEM
The Impact of Investment Support on Agricultural Farm Competitiveness in the SR (1/0833/14)20142016VEGAĽ. BartováDSaOR FEM
The Impact of the Agricultural Producers Organisations Support on Performance of their Members in the SR (1/0845/17)20172019VEGAĽ. BartováDSaOR FEM
The quality of seniors life and evaluation of their mental health in selected regions of Slovakia (1/0747/14)20142016VEGAZ. PolákováDSaOR FEM
Tvorba učebných pomôcok v anglickom jazyku pre predmety Štatistika, Operačný výskum a Ekonometria pre všetky odbory ekonomického štúdia. (3/7379/09)20092011KEGAZ. SojkováDSaOR FEM
Understanding farmers decision making under uncertainty and improving farm risk management (OC-2016-1-20917 )20172019COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)Ľ. BartováDSaOR FEM
Variantné prístupy merania konkurencieschonosti regiónov20122014VEGAZ. SojkováDSaOR FEM

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