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A production of ammonia in beef cattle buildings (1/4425/07)20072009VEGAŠ. PogranKS TF
Advanced Methods for Porous Materials Moisture Content Study (SK-CZ-008-07)20082009Bilateral cooperationZ. HlaváčováTF
Agricultural Products Physical, Energetic and Economical Properties Evaluation at Utilization of Progressive Methods in Environmental Processing. (SK-SRB-2013-0016)20142015Bilateral cooperationP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Agriculture and Environment in the 21st Century - @groen (CII-HU-0003-03-0708-M-19078)20082008CEEPUSJ. RédlKKS TF
Algorithms of autonomous mobile robots in collision situations. (10-GA SPU-16)20162017General callsL. TóthKEAaI TF
Ammonia and Greenhouse Gases Emissions from Animal Production Buildings (CA 16106)20172021COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)Š. MihinaKZSBT TF
Analysis constructioninfluence of woodmechanism20182020VEGAP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Analysis of harmful gases production in rural area and proposal of ccientifically substantiated technological measures for its minimisation (1/0609/12)20122015VEGAŠ. MihinaKZSBT TF
Analysis of heat and moisture transport in biological materials (95/03180)20022004VEGAV. VozárováKF TF
Analysis of processes of loading of friction pairs in tribologic experiment conditions and their effect on properties of selected materials. (1/1064/11)20112013VEGAM. KučeraKKS TF
Analysis of qualitative indicators of food materials by physical parameters measuring (746/03180)20082009GA SPUM. BožikováTF
Analysis of the impact of laoding cycle on degradation of tribologic system elements in experiment conditions20172019VEGAM. KučeraKKS TF
Analysis of the impact of technological and operational factors on the quality, safety and environmental parameters of agricultural technics (1/0511/18)20182020VEGAJ. ŽarnovskýKKaST TF
Analýza a technicko-technologická racionalizácia strojových systémoch v chove hovädzieho dobytka (VEGA 1/7696/20)20002002VEGAŠ. KováčKZSBT TF
Analýza energetickej náročnosti chovu hydiny. (1/0483/13 )20132015VEGAM. OlejárKEAaI TF
Animal Welfare Research in an enlarged Europe (265686)20112014FP7Š. MihinaKZSBT TF
Aplication and utilization of produced wastes from agriculture in progressive methods of environmental processing (SK-PL-2015-0036)20162017Bilateral cooperationP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Aplikácia informačných technológií na zvýšenie environmentálnej a ekonomickej udržateľnosti produkčného agrosystému.20092013OP Výskum a inovácieV. RatajDMaPB TF
Aplikácia metód elektronického vzdelávania. (4533)20042004rozvojový projekt - ITZ. PalkováTF
Aplikovaný výskum možnosti používania ekologických mazív v hydraulických obvodoch poľnohospodárskej techniky20162017GA SPUJ. KosibaKDaM TF
Aplikovaný výskum využívania ekologických nositeľov energie v poľnohospodárskej, lesníckej a dopravnej technike. (1/0155/18)2018--VEGAĽ. HujoKDaM TF
Application of advanced physical methods for study of agri-materials properties (SK-PL-2015-0037)20162016Bilateral cooperationV. VozárováKF TF
Application of Food Materials Physical Properties at the Food Quatity Assessment (1/0829/09)20092011VEGAV. VozárováKF TF
Artificial intelligence for precision agriculture and forestry.20192022APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠV. RatajDMaPB TF
Attractiveness, quality control and accreditation of placements for students in Agriculture in Europe (2010-1-NL1-LEO05-02663)20102013Leonardo da VinciZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Benchmark of National Knowledge and Experiences to Improve Quality of Vocational Education in Renewable Energy Sector (2010-1-TR1-LEO04-15839 4)20102012Leonardo da VinciZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Biological materials physical properties and physical methods application for some quality indicators assessment in agriculture (1/0732/13)20132016VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Biomaterials Physical Properties and Physical Methods Application for Specific Quality Indicators Assessment of Agricultural Materials (1/0854/14)20142016VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Clean Tech Employees and Students (2012-1-NL1-LEO05-08724 )20122014Leonardo da VinciZ. Palková
Collaborative Bio-economy Business Models (760845-1)2017--Horizon 2020Š. MihinaKZSBT TF
Combined learning in education of technical subjects2017--KEGAJ. RusnákKKS TF
Combinet learning in education of technical subjects (Projekt č. 026SPU-4/2016)2015--KEGAJ. RusnákKKS TF
Common workplace for research of biomass production, its energy use and the development of application equipments2017--OP Výskum a inovácieŠ. MihinaKZSBT TF
Complex model of energetic utilization of biomass in North-Hungarian Region, Nitra-, Banska Bystrica-, Košice counties with cross border cooperation (ITMS č. 14420100021)20062008InterregJ. MagaDMaPB TF
Complex renewable energetic, cooperation model in a Hungarian region and zhree Slovakian counties (HUSK /0801/2.1.2/0214)20092010InterregJ. MagaDMaPB TF
Construction and technological elements of housing improving the environment of animal husbandry (1/0870/13)20132015VEGAI. KarandušovskáKS TF
Constructional, thermo-technical, ethological and hygienic solutions of alternative floor structure in stables for dairy cattle (1/0771/09)20092011VEGAJ. LendelováKS TF
Control algorithm models of autonomous mobile robots in plant production (1/0868/16)20162016VEGAV. CviklovičKEAaI TF
Control parameters research in the bionic systems for the safe energy production from biomass and waste (SK-CZ-2013-0200)20152015Bilateral cooperationP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Creating a platform to adress the techniques used in agriculture and economic groundwater management20182018Standard GrantsP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Creating and practical implementation of the Slovak-English and English-Slovak on-line dictionary for the area of biosystem engineering (KEGA 003SPU-4/2013)20132015KEGAM. MacákDMaPB TF
Demonštračný viaczdrojový systém výroby elektriny a tepla s využitím obnoviteľných zdrojov energie na SPU. (343/03170)20062006rozvojový projekt - ITZ. PalkováTF
Design technology for reducing emissions from animal production and biological materials combustion (1/0809/16)2016--VEGAR. GálikKZSBT TF
Determination of Solid Biomass Potential from Agriculture in Slovakia and Serbia (SK-SRB-2013-0039)20152016Bilateral cooperationZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Determination of the characteristics of the quantification of emissions and air quality indicators in terms of European legislation (3/6431/08)20082010KEGAI. JanoškoKDaM TF
Development of experimental methods and the devices for ZVVP in Nitra19861990= neznámý =J. BajlaTF
Development of the experimental methods and devices for ZVVP in Nitra (A-08-124-827-03)19861990štátne programy výskumu a vývojaĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the methods for evaluation of agriculture technology and materials from point of view technical and ecological requirements (VEGA 1066/94)19941996VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the methods for the evaluation of the agricultural material properties and their interactions with the technical instruments (VEGA 1/4406/97)19971999VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the osmotic drying chambers for vegetables and fruits (114-451-00627/2005)20052005Bilateral cooperationĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the osmotic drying chambers for vegetables and fruits (114-451-01404/2006)20062006Bilateral cooperationĽ. KubíkKF TF
Ecological and energetic aspects of biomas usage. (1/0033/09)20092011VEGAR. OpáthKZSBT TF
Ecological optimization of agricultural production system with regards to eliminate the negative effects of machinery on soil environment20172019VEGAP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Education quality increasing in field of tribology by means of inovating educational resources20182018KEGAM. KotusKKaST TF
Efektívnosť technickej a technologickej inovácie pestovania vybraných okopanín a olejnín (VEGA 1/7686/20)20002002VEGAJ. JechTF
Effect of the environmental aspects of machinery interaction to eliminate the degradation processes in agrotechnologies of field crops (1/0786/14)20142016VEGAP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Ekologická a energetická optimalizácia produkčného agrosystému s podporou informačných technológií a manažmentu priestorovo diferencovaných vstupov. (1/3478/06)20062008VEGAL. NozdrovickýTF
Electric and Thermal Conductance of Moist Materials (SK-CZ-02606)20062007Bilateral cooperationZ. HlaváčováTF
Eliminácia nežiadúcich vplyvov prevádzky strojov na poľnohospodársku pôdu, vodu a ovzdušie. (1/0462/09)20092011VEGAZ. TkáčKDaM TF
Energy economy of high density buildings for breeding (1/0815/12)20122015VEGAŠ. PogranKS TF
Energy efficiency of technologies in interaction with a progress of qualitative changes of the internal environment in animal housing (1/0657/16)20162019VEGAJ. LendelováKS TF
Engineering as Communication Language in Europe (CIII-PL-0701-05-1617)20162017CEEPUSZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Enhance attractiveness of renewable energy training by virtual reality (2012-1-GR1-LEO05-10057)20122014Leonardo da VinciZ. Palková
Enhancing Entrepreneurship Skills, Competences and Careers Guidance in Agriculture Sector through Game-based Virtual Reality Platform2019--Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Entering the Bio Based EconomY (2013-1-NL1-LEO05-12308)20132015Leonardo da VinciZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Environmental technologies and engineering (č. 044SPU-4/2014)20142016KEGAI. JanoškoKDaM TF
Evaluation of bio-fuels from the point of view filterability, technical and exploitation properties of mobile technique, chemical properties and emissions. (1/0697/12)20122014VEGAJ. JablonickýKDaM TF
Evaluation of the agricultural materials by the methods of the fractal analysis (192/03180)20022004UPĽ. KubíkTF
Evaluation of the quality of food raw materials by physical methods (718/03180)20062006GA SPUM. BožikováTF
Experimental Methods for Moisture Cotent and Basic Parameters of Biological Materials Determination (SK-CZ-0121-11)20122013Bilateral cooperationZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Expertný systém pre podporu rozhodovania a manažmentu starostlivosti o poľnohospodársku pôdu zo zameraním na pôdnu vlhkosť a závlahy v meniacich sa klimatických podmienkach2018--= neznámý =Z. PalkováKEAaI TF
Food Incubators Transforming Regions (2015-1-UK01-KA202-013692 )20152017Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Fostering Internationalization in Agricultural Engineering in Iran and Russia (585596-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)20172020Erasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniaJ. RédlKKS TF
Fractal propertie of the fruits (1/1321/04)20042006VEGAĽ. KubíkTF
Fruits and Vegetables Osmotic Drier Development (114-451-00565/2007)20072007Bilateral cooperationĽ. KubíkKF TF
Fruits and Vegetables Osmotic Dryer Development (114-451-00565/2010)20092010Medzinárodná vedecko-technická spoluprácaZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Fully automatic feedstock separator20162021Horizon 2020V. KročkoKKaST TF
Future Oriented Collaborative Policy Development for Rural Areas and People2019--Horizon 2020Z. PalkováKEAaI TF
Generation of wear resistant layers by remelting with electric arc2015--VEGAI. KováčKKaST TF
Highly nonequilibrium nanooxides prepared by nonconventional mechanochemical methods (APVV-18-0320)20192023General callsM. HarničárováKEAaI TF
Hodnotenie tribologických vlastností materiálov v procesoch trenia20132013VEGAM. KotusKKaST TF
Hodnotenie zdravotného stavu ekosystému (313011B682)2017--OP Výskum a inovácieZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
IInfluence of alternative fuels obtained from agricultural products on parameters of combustion engine and environment (1/0214/08)20082010VEGAJ. JablonickýKDaM TF
Implementácia e-vzdelávania do študijného programu "Automatizačná a informatizačná technika v riadení kvality produkcie". (3/4284/06)20062008KEGAZ. PalkováTF
Implementácia prvkov presného poľnohospodárstva v manažmente vybraných systémov pestovania poľných plodín (VEGA 1/0587/03)20032005VEGAL. NozdrovickýTF
Implementation of e-learning content for energy saving farm into vocational education (2010-1-SK1-LEO05-01561)20102012Leonardo da VinciZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Implementation of innovative elements to the subjects of the study program "Quality and safety in manufacturing technologies". (043SPU-4/2017)20172019= neznámý =J. ŽitňanskýKKaST TF
Implementation of practical experience to University studies with technical focus on agricultural and forestry sciences20172019KEGAP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Implementation of practical experience to University studies with technical focus on agricultural and forestry sciences using a modular system of study and production of study plans (036SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGAP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Improving of scientific competencies in renewable energy sources (SK/06/A/F/EX-602 4117)20062007Leonardo da VinciJ. RédlKKS TF
Improving the professional development opportunities in the Apitherapy sector in terms of health2018--Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Improving the quality of tractors and mobile systems with the aim to increase competitiveness, preservation of land and the environment20112015= neznámý =P. FinduraDMaPB TF
Influence of build structure coating on quality of internal environment in stable for cattle (1/0769/10)20102011VEGAŠ. PogranKS TF
Innovation of laboratories for requirements of study program Quality and safety in manufacturing technologies (036SPU-4/2015)20152017KEGAJ. ŽarnovskýKKaST TF
Innovation of laboratories for technological oriented subjects needs in study programme Quality and Safety in Manufacturing Technologies focused to implementation of knowledge from innovation technologies area (042SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGAJ. ŽarnovskýKKaST TF
Innovation of software and hardware support for teaching automation of technological processes in the new study program "Information and controlling systems in Production Technology". (024SPU-4/2016 )2016--KEGAM. PapKEAaI TF
Innovative Hippotherapy Practices For Youth Empowerment2019--Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Innovative practices to improve the quality and ecology of agricultural machinery20162016VEGAM. KotusKKaST TF
Innovative technology for variable rate application of nitrogen considering the limiting factors of environment in the frame of technogenic factors and chlimate change20152019General callsJ. GalambošováDMaPB TF
Inovácia výučby predmetov so zameraním na manažérstvo kvality, obrábanie kovov a metrológiu v interakcii na požiadavky praxe (039SPU-4/2017)20172020KEGAM. KorenkoKKaST TF
Inovation methods in learning of hydraulic mechanisms2017--KEGAZ. TkáčKDaM TF
Integrated PEST Management DECIsion Support System for Crop DEfence Optimisation20192019Horizon 2020Z. PalkováKEAaI TF
Integrating innovative trends in metalworking, metrology and quality management in university study (035SPU-4/2014)20142016KEGAV. KročkoTF
Integration of innovative trends in university studies of the problem of machinery for post-harvest and storage of plant products. (3/5124/07)20072009KEGAM. ŽitňákDMaPB TF
Integration of the renewable energy sources laboratory to the educational process via multimedia and interactive web interface (3/7248/09)20092011KEGAJ. GadušCVOZE TF
Integrovaný manažérsky systém (vysokoškolská učebnica). (3/4276/06)20062008KEGAJ. HrubecKKaST TF
Introducing IT based environmental simulation courses (S-JEP-09909-95)19951998TempusŠ. PogranKS TF
Investigation of environmental aspects in farm animal breeding from the point of view of greenhouse gases, smell, dust and noise supporting animal welfare and BAT creation - Best available techniques (1/0044/09)20092011VEGAŠ. MihinaKZSBT TF
Key features of Sliding lubricated by ecological oils resaerch. (1/0008/09)20092011VEGAJ. RusnákKKS TF
Kvalita a bezpečnosť poľnohospodárskych strojov. (1/3482/06)20062008VEGAJ. HrubecKKaST TF
Kvalita a výťažnosť pšeničných mlynárskych produktov v procese ich výroby, v závislosti od drviaceho účinku valcových mlecích stolíc s minimalizáciou spotreby energie na mletie. (1/3479/06)20062008VEGAR. OpáthKZSBT TF
Kvalita, spoľahlivosť a ekologizácia poľnohospodárskych strojov v prevádzke. (67/03150)20032006VEGAP. ČičoTF
Laboratory tests and analyses of the ecological lubricants in the agricultural technology using (09-GA SPU-17)2017--GA SPUJ. KosibaKDaM TF
Let's have fun with the business start-up2018--Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Machinery and Technologies for energy crops harvesting (SK-CZ- 0110-07)20082009Medzinárodná vedecko-technická spoluprácaM. ŽitňákKS TF
Machinery induced compaction of agricultural soil and mitigation strategies in the Danube Region (CASEE BOKU Wien)20152016Medzinárodná vedecko-technická spoluprácaL. NozdrovickýDMaPB TF
Material-technological and operational possibilities of improving the qualitative and environmental parameters of agricultural technique (1/0643/19)20192021VEGAJ. ŽarnovskýKKaST TF
Measurement and the simulation of the influence ot the physical properties on the biological material (GA SPU I-98)19982000UPĽ. KubíkKF TF
Mechanization and Energy use in selected arable farms in Central and South Eastern Europe (CASEE)20122013Flagship GrantsL. NozdrovickýDMaPB TF
Metal materials degradation in alternative fuels production and exploitation processes. (1/0813/10)20102011VEGAJ. ŽarnovskýKKaST TF
Micro-structural analysis of agricultural materials (1/0546/12)20122012VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Microstructural analysis of tissue (VEGA 1/0074/10)20102010VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Microstructural properties of plant tissues (1/4400/07)20072009VEGAĽ. KubíkTF
Minimizing the risks of environmental factors in animal production buildings (1/0575/14)20142016VEGAI. KarandušovskáKZSBT TF
Mobile Web 2.0 e-Training for Vocational Education Trainers (2012-1-MT1-LEO05-00789)20122014Leonardo da VinciZ. Palková
Mobilising Institutional Learning for Better Exploitation of Research and Innovation for the Circular Economy (DTP1-349-1.1 )2017--InterregZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Modern Education in the Renewable Energies for the Visegrad region (21120011)20122012Standard GrantsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Modernizácia výskumnej a vývojovej infraštruktúry na SPU v Nitre (OPVaV-2013/1.1/02-SORO , 486705)20132015OP Výskum a inovácieK. HalászováFZKI
Monitoring of the impact of ecological fuels derived from agricultural production and impurities in hydrocarbon fuels to technical and environmental performance of internal combustion engines used in agricultural and transport technology2017--VEGAZ. TkáčKDaM TF
Monitoring of the impact of ecological fuels obtained from the agricultural production and additives in hydrocarbon fuels to technical and environmental performance of internal combustion engines used in agricultural and transport technique (1/0464/17)20172019VEGAJ. JablonickýKDaM TF
Monitoring of the technical and environmental parameters of internal combustion engines in agricultural and transport technique by the application of conditioner in fuels and in biofuels obtained from the agricultural production (1/0370/15)20152015VEGAJ. JablonickýKDaM TF
Moving Forward – An integrated European approach to NEET’s2019--Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Multimedia support in the core subjects of a new Master degree study program "Information and controlling systems in Production Technology" (041SPU-4/2014)20142016KEGAO. LukáčKEAaI TF
Multimedial textbook of physics for engineers2017--KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Multimediálna podpora ťažiskových predmetov nového inžinierskeho študijného programu "Informačné a riadiace systémy vo výrobnej technike" .2014--KEGAO. LukáčKEAaI TF
Navigation algorithms in autonomous mobile robots control in plant production (1/0804/17)20172019VEGAV. CviklovičKEAaI TF
Návrh metód experimentálneho overovania a simulácie parametrov a vlastností klzných uzlov poľnohospodárskych strojov (148/03110)20032005VEGAJ. RusnákKKS TF
Návrh optimálnych meracích a riadiacich algoritmov tepelných sústav. (704/03170)20042005GA SPUZ. PalkováTF
New forms and methods of education in area of machinery safety (008TU Z-4/2016)20162018KEGAM. KotusKKaST TF
Obsahová integrácia a diverzifijkácia vysokoškolského štúdia. (3/4087/06)20062008KEGAZ. TkáčKDaM TF
Optical Measuring Methods in Quality Management (049_1/12)20132013VTPR. DrličkaKKaST TF
Optimalization of system combustion engine, gearbox and three-point hitch of tractor. (1/0532/14)20142014VEGAJ. JablonickýKDaM TF
Optimization of exploitation of low-potential energy sources in the agriculture (1/4399/07)20072009VEGAD. HrubýKEAaI TF
Optimization of surface layers properties of parts for agricultural machinery working in aggressive conditions. (1/0715/12)20122014VEGAM. KorenkoTF
Optimization of the surface layers of components for the automotive and mobile technology, working in harsh conditions. (1/0020/13)20132015VEGAM. KorenkoTF
Participal utilization of design and testing knowlede of transmission systems of hydraulic mechanisms of mobile agricurtural and forestry machinery. (028SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGAĽ. HujoKDaM TF
Perspective in education process at universities with technical orientation in Visegrad countries20082009Standard GrantsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Physical identification and development of universal terturometer (VEGA)20192021VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Physical Properties of Bio-materials as Quality Characteristics20172017VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Physical properties of the agricultural biological materials (VEGA 1/7695/20 )20002002VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Physical properties utilisation at the quality of biomaterials assessment20182018VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Plant application on contaminated soil of specific area for its optimal using on energetic purpose (APVV-16-0364)2017--General callsŠ. MihinaKZSBT TF
Podpora obsahovej integrácie a internacionalizácie fyzikálneho vzdelávania študijnou literatúrou pre nové technicky zamerané študijné programy2016--KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Porovnanie rôznych technologických systémov ustajnenia nosníc vo vzťahu k vybraným ukazovateľom kvality vajec. (706/03130)20042005GA SPUR. GálikTF
PRESNÉ PÔDOHOSPODÁRSTVO -- implementácia s podporou informačných technológií a techniky. (3/4275/06)20062008KEGAL. NozdrovickýTF
Projekt prognózy rozvoja techniky a mechanizácie v poľnohospodárstve, zdroje na jeho reprodukcie a obnovu (HZ č. 007/1999 - projekt č. 2736)19992001podnikateľská činnosťŠ. KováčKZSBT TF
Proposal and using the measuring methods and means for specify of soil properties for precision agriculture (1/3481/06)20062008VEGAJ. BajlaKKS TF
Pružný výučbový systém vysokoškolského technického štúdia s odborným zameraním v oblasti Poľnohospodárska a lesnícka technika. (3/7294/09)20092011KEGAZ. TkáčKDaM TF
Quality and reliability of the agricultural technology (VEGA 1/7684/20)20002002VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Quality improvement, agricultural techniques life and quality management of production equipment20132013VEGAP. ČičoKKaST TF
Quality of the Poultry Eggs Evaluation during Their Storage (SK-CZ-2013-0113)20142015Bilateral cooperationZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Realizácia vzdelávacích prednáškových aktivít prostredníctvom digitálnych technológií novej generácie. (5c)20062006rozvojový projekt - ITZ. PalkováTF
Reduction of unfavourable impacts of agricultural and transport machinery on environment (1/0857/12)20122014VEGAZ. TkáčKDaM TF
Renewable Energy Sources (CIII-SK-0405-08-1617)20162017CEEPUSZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Research aimed at influence of agricultural, forest and transport machinery on environment and its elimination on the basis of ecological measures application (1/0337/15)20152017VEGAĽ. HujoKDaM TF
Research and efficient innovation in livestock farming technologies to reduce air pollution by ammonia and greenhouse gases (1/0579/18)2018--VEGAI. KarandušovskáKZSBT TF
Research of Alternative Navigation Algorithms for the Control of Autonomous Robots in Plant Production (1/0720/18)20182020VEGAD. HrubýKEAaI TF
Research of technical parameters of working mechanism of agricultural and forestry technology20192022APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠP. FinduraDMaPB TF
Research of the biogas production from unconventional biological decomposable matter (SK–CZ-0099-11)20122013Bilateral cooperationJ. GadušCVOZE TF
Research of the effectiveness of arable crops with the support of spatially differentiated irrigation (VEGA 1/0407/11)20112012VEGAJ. JobbágyDMaPB TF
Rozvoj ľudských zdrojov a zabezpečenie kvality na SPU. Aktivita:1.2 Vytvorenie vnútorného modelu systému manažérstva kvality na SPU20102013OP Ľudské zdrojeJ. HrubecTF
Rozvoj ľudských zdrojov a zabezpečenie kvality na SPU v Nitre (ITMS 26110230020)20102012OP Ľudské zdrojeJ. HrubecKKaST TF
Selected Physical Properties of Agricultural and Food Products (749/03180)20092010GA SPUM. BožikováTF
Skúmanie schopnosti zvárania zliatin ľahkých neželezných kovov, zváraných elektrickým oblúkom a trecím zváraním s premiešaním.20152018General callsI. KováčKKaST TF
Smart Entrepreneurial Education and training in Digital farming2018--Erasmus+ KA3Z. PalkováKEAaI TF
Soft-skills integration to technically oriented study programmes (011TU Z-4/2016)20162018KEGAP. ČičoKKaST TF
Specialized laboratory of agricultural and forestry mobile technology hydraulic mechanisms (KEGA 019SPU-4/2015)20152018KEGAĽ. HujoKDaM TF
Start up AgriFood Business2018--Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Study about the effect of technological parameters of the surface coating in agricultural and forestry techniques for qualitative parameters, safety and environmental acceptability (1/0718/17)20172020VEGAM. KorenkoKKaST TF
Study of Food Materials Physical Properties in the Food Processing and its Application at Quality Assessment (1/3471/06)20062008VEGAZ. HlaváčováTF
Study of tribological characteristics of the new high hard coatings on materials suitable for gearings (1/0227/15)20152017VEGAM. BošanskýKKS TF
Support of content integration and internalization of physical education for new technically oriented study programmes by study literature (031SPU-4/2016)20152018KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Support of teaching for applied physical disciplines in new engineering study programme Technology for bioenergetics20122012KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Surface layers for tribological applications (1/4151/07)20072009VEGAR. MikušKKaST TF
SUstainable Crop production aCross Europe through improved tillage, operations optimisation, and tailored cropping SystemS2016--Horizon 2020J. GalambošováDMaPB TF
Systems of decreasing of energetic factor intensity of technics and technology in the agriculture19911993VEGAI. PetranskýTF
Systems of decreasing of energetic factor intensity and technology in agriculture (M - 3)19911993VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Štúdium obalových materiálov a ich vplyv na zvyšovanie kvality a bezpečnosti potravín (VEGA 1/4437/07)20072009VEGAS. ZemanKZSBT TF
Technical and economic rationalization handling and transport of potatoes. (714/03140)20062007GA SPUM. KorenkoTF
Technicko-ekonomická racionalizácia manipulácie a dopravy slamy určenej na energetické účely. (734/03140)20072008GA SPUM. ŽitňákTF
Technicko-technologická racionalizácia výroby a spracovania vybratých poľnohospodárskych produktov (VEGA č.1/4407/97-M-18)19971999VEGAJ. LobotkaKZSBT TF
Technological and economical optimization of quality of surface layers for agricultural machinery components operating in the aggressive conditions. (1/0568/15)20152017VEGAM. KorenkoTF
Termická analýza vybraných zložiek triedeného odpadu20172018GA SPUD. KunecováKF TF
The analysis of effect of random loading process on tribologic properties of selected materials (1/0712/08)20082010VEGAM. KučeraKKS TF
The aplication of evaluation indicaters of tillage technologies effect at spatial variability of soil properties (1/0009/09)20092011VEGAJ. BajlaKKS TF
The determination of qualitative parameters of surface layers production processes focused on the elimination of degradation processes and environmental aspects (VEGA 1/0077/16)2016--VEGAM. KorenkoTF
The Development of Scientific Cooperation in the Study of the Effects of Biofuels in Road Transport, Including Environmental Impact.20192020Bilateral cooperationĽ. HujoKDaM TF
The Elimination of Negative Operation Impacts of Machines on Agricultural Land, Water and Atmosphere.20092011VEGAZ. TkáčKDaM TF
The Increase of Competitiveness and Employability of Engineering Graduates by Improving their Entrepreneurial Skills ( 013TU Z-4/2015)20152017KEGAP. ČičoKKaST TF
The quality improvement of agricultural machines and production systems (1/0576/09)20092011VEGAP. ČičoKKaST TF
The research of tribological and ecological properties of selected constructional nodes based on thin metal layers2014--VEGAM. KadnárKKS TF
The research of tribological characteristics of the new high hard coatings on materials suitable for gearings (APVV-17-0576)20182022General callsJ. RusnákKKS TF
The research of tribological characteristics of the new high hard coatings on materials suitable for gearings (APVV-18-0045)20192023General callsJ. RusnákKKS TF
The research of tribological properties of biologically decomosable oils in the sphere of sliding pairs aimed at agricultural engineering. (1/3480/06)20062008VEGAJ. RusnákKKS TF
The use of alternative navigation systems of small mobile robots to increase productivity of agricultural production (1/0792/14)20132016VEGAD. HrubýTF
The use of biomass for renewable energy production (APVV VMSP-P-006309)20092011APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠJ. GadušCVOZE TF
The use of electric arc to form layers with specific properties2016--VEGAI. KováčKKaST TF
Therapeutic effects of Apitherapy in Higher Education (2017-1-TR01-KA203-045990)2017--Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Transfer of innovative technologies into the educational process in the dimensions of the current needs of agriculture through university textbook (Projekt č. 011SPU-4/2014)20142015KEGAR. GálikKZSBT TF
Unconventional roof-ceilling structures of specific buildings based on plastics20092011VEGAD. PálešKKS TF
Utilization of 3D technology to evaluation of wear (1/0754/16)20162018VEGAR. MikušKKaST TF
Virtual Reality as an innovative and immersive Learning tools for HEIs in Palestin (585772-EPP-1-2017-1-PS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)2017--Erasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniaZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Vplyv externých faktorov na účinnosť fotovoltaického článku v reálnych podmienkach mikroregiónu Nitra (1/0696/11)20112013VEGAZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Vplyv materiálov a techniky na zdravotný stav dojníc a zdravotne bezpečný produkt (VEGA 1/0422/08)20082010VEGAI. KarasKZSBT TF
Vplyv navigačných algoritmov dvojosích polohovacích fotovoltaických systémov na účinnosť premeny slnečnej energie (1/0517/15)20152015VEGAV. CviklovičKEAaI TF
Vypracovanie obsahovej štruktúry druhého a tretieho stupňa vzdelávania v študijnom programe Bezpečnosť a kontrola potravín a tvorba moderných didaktických prostriedkov. (3/6229/08)20082010KEGAR. OpáthKZSBT TF
Výskum alternatívnych navigačných algoritmov na riadenie autonómnych robotov v rastlinnej výrobe2018--VEGAD. HrubýKEAaI TF
Výskum aplikácie bioplynu ako alternatívneho paliva pre mobilnú techniku. (1/4422/07)20072009VEGAJ. GadušCVOZE TF
Výskum technológií v chove hospodárskych zvierat znižujúcich emisie škodlivých plynov negatívne ovplyvňujúcich životné prostredie (VEGA 1/3476/06)20062008VEGAŠ. KováčKZSBT TF
Výskum účinkov technológií a techniky pre obrábanie pôdy s ohľadom na intenzitu uvoľňovania emisií CO2 do atmosféry. (1/0082/09)20092011VEGAL. NozdrovickýTF
Výskum využitia tepelnej energie z obnoviteľných zdrojov v poľnohospodárskom sušiarenstve s posúdením ekologicko-technických dopadov. (1/0708/09)20092011VEGAI. VitázekKDaM TF
Výskum vzťahov energetických emisií v biotechnických a v bionických systémoch20142015APVTR. GálikKZSBT TF
Výskum zefektívnenia ekologických aspektov prevádzkovania mobilnej a stacionárnej techniky v poľnohospodárstve. (1/3483/06)20062008VEGAZ. TkáčKDaM TF
Výskum zefektívnenia ekologických aspektov prevádzkovania.mobilnej a stacionárnej techniky v poľnohospodárstve..20062008VEGAZ. TkáčKDaM TF
V4-WB6 Incubator for Digital Farming (21810128)2018--Strategic GrantsZ. PalkováKEAaI TF
Zlepšenie bezpečnosti a zvýšenie kvality výrobného procesu a vyrábaných produktov v externej organizácii (09-GA SPU-16)20162018GA SPUM. BujnaKKaST TF
Znižovanie emisií škodlivín plynov úpravou technických systémov a technológií v chove hospodárskych zvierat (VEGA 1/0625/03)20032005VEGAŠ. KováčKZSBT TF
Zvýšiť kvalitu vzdelávania na SPU v Nitre a dosiahnuť jej adaptáciu na aktuálne a perspektívne potreby spoločnosti ( ITMS 26110230057)20122013OP Ľudské zdrojeJ. HrubecKKaST TF
Zvyšovanie kvality a odolnosti oteruvzdorných vrstiev pôdospracujúcich strojov20142014VEGAM. KotusKKaST TF
20th International Scientific Conference "Quality and Reliability of Technical Systems"2015--Small GrantsJ. ŽarnovskýKKaST TF

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