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Breeding, Diversity Management and Genetics of Livestock (CIII-SK-0902-00-1516)20152018CEEPUSR. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR
Dairy Care Action (FA1308)20132018COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)R. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR
Environmental effects of production system on realization of genetic information of production, reproduction and health of animals2019--General callsR. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR
European Animal Diversity Campus (12203-0890/NITRA02)20122014Erasmus (okrem mobilít)R. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR
Fresh vs. stored honey: comprehensive study of Slovak honey after extraction and during the storage using physico-chemical, microbiological and molecular-genetic methods2019--General callsM. GáborDGaABB FAaFR
Functional analysis of new proteins required for meiotic recombination and karyogamy (APVV-16-0090)20172021General callsM. PožgajováDGaABB FAaFR
Genetic diversity of cattle and horse breeds (SK-AT-0012-10)20112012Bilateral cooperationO. KadlečíkDGaABB FAaFR
Genetic evaluation of cattle fertility (1/0769/09)20092011VEGAJ. CandrákDGaABB FAaFR
Genetic evaluation of show-jumping and diversity with use of genomic information of horses with national importance in Slovakia (1/0742/17)20172019VEGAR. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR
Genetic risk of cadmium and lead impact on the cell cycle regulation in meiosis20172017General callsM. PožgajováDGaABB FAaFR
Genomic Indicators of extranulcear DNA as source of Diversity for Animal Breeding (APVV-17-0060)20182022General callsN. MoravčíkováDGaABB FAaFR
Genomic indicators of Pinzgau cattle diversity (SK-AT-2015-0016)20162017Bilateral cooperationR. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR
Indicators of genetic diversity and differentiation of shared autochthonous horse breeds in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (Dunajská stratégia)20172017APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠO. KadlečíkDGaABB FAaFR
Inferring signatures of selection from whole genome sequences (DS-FR-19-0002)2020--Multilateral cooperationR. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR
Influence of the environmental stress on chromosome segregation during cell cycle20172017Granty nadáciíM. PožgajováDGaABB FAaFR
Innovation of teaching and application of statistical methods in the analysis of biological data and processes in animal production. (012SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGAJ. CandrákDGaABB FAaFR
Jean Monnet Module “Biodiversity of Farm Animal Populations”20202023Erasmus+ KA3N. MoravčíkováDGaABB FAaFR
Korekcia vplyvu reprodukčných ukazovateľov pri odhade plemennej hodnoty pre ukazovatele mliekovej úžitkovosti hovädzieho dobytka test-day modelom. (203/02220)20042005MVTSJ. CandrákDGaABB FAaFR
Metagenomická analýza mikrobiómu reprodukčného systému kráv – štúdium účinku probiotického preparátu v prevencii a eliminácii puerperálnych bakteriálnych infekcií20192021VEGAM. MiluchováDGaABB FAaFR
Molecular Genetic Diversity and Production Potential of Animal Genetic Resources in Slovakia (APVV)20152019General callsR. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR
Návrh panelov SNPs markérov fyziologických vlastností hospodárskych zvierat pre využitie v genomickom hodnotení (APVV –0636–11)20122015APVVA. TrakovickáDGaABB FAaFR
Red meat quality assessed by the fatty acid profile, physico-chemical properties and technological properties in dependence on the nutrition and other genetic and non-genetic factors (1/0269/19)2019--VEGAM. MargetínDAH FAaFR
Reducing Nitrates Pollution in the Danube Basin by Improving Manure Management20202022Interreg Danube Transnational Programme R. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR
The Preparation of Modern University Textbook, Glossary, and E-learning Textbooks in the Slovak and English Language for the Animal Breeding Course. (027SPU-4/2012)20122014KEGAJ. CandrákDGaABB FAaFR
Transcriptome profiling of bovine milk somatic cells20202022VEGAM. MiluchováDGaABB FAaFR
Wide-Spread Implementation & Innovative Development of Animal Breeding for the 21st Century Europe WinBreeding4EU2020--Horizont 2020R. KasardaDGaABB FAaFR

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