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Environmental evaluation of soil organic carbon regulation in different ecosystems (APVV-14-0087)2015--General callsE. TobiašováDSS FAaFR
Modernisation of Soil Science course at SUA - Nitra (014SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGAV. ŠimanskýDSS FAaFR
Modernization of content, forms, and education methods of subjects focused on soil organic matter (001SPU-4/2016)2016--KEGAE. TobiašováDSS FAaFR
Modernization of teaching of courses focused on soil organic matter (006SPU-4/2018)2018--KEGAE. TobiašováDSS FAaFR
Physical stabilization of organic matter in soils of different ecosystems (1/0124/13)20132015VEGAE. TobiašováDSS FAaFR
The influence of exotic tree species on soil characteristics in Nature Reserve Arboretum Mlyňany, SAS (1/0084/13)20132015VEGAN. PollákováDSS FAaFR
The role of biochar in ameliorating of soil structure (1/0136/17)20172019VEGAV. ŠimanskýDSS FAaFR

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