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Analysis of harmful gases production in rural area and proposal of ccientifically substantiated technological measures for its minimisation (1/0609/12)20122015VEGAŠ. MihinaKZSBT TF
Analysis of the Production and Qualitative Parameters of Pork of the Mangalica Breed the efficiency of the Slovak Warmblood horse (1/0818/16)20152019VEGAJ. MlynekDAH FAaFR
Animal Welfare Research in an enlarged Europe (265686)20112014FP7Š. MihinaKZSBT TF
Biologicko-etologické vplyvy pôsobiace na výrobu mäsa s požadovanými vlastnosťami (1/0364/15)20152018VEGAO. DebrecéniDAH FAaFR
Determinating the effect of load on internal environment of horses (1/0392/20)20202024VEGAM. HaloDAH FAaFR
Ethologycal and physiological conseqences of acting of productive load and climatic changes to animal production (1/0717/12)20122014VEGAO. DebrecéniDAH FAaFR
Evaluation of functional traits and their utilising to selection indexes (134/02230)20032005VEGAP. StrapákDAH FAaFR
Genetic and breeding parameters in selection of the farm animals.20122015VEGAM. HaloDAH FAaFR
Genetické hodnotenie priamych a nepriamych úžitkových vlastností a ich využitie pri tvorbe selekčných indexov (109/02230)20032005APVTP. StrapákDAH FAaFR
Greenhouse gases and ammonia emissions from animal production buildings20162016COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)P. JuhásDAH FAaFR
Innovation of content of teaching and elaboration of modern university textbook for the corse Animal Production (035SPU-4/2015)20152017KEGAP. StrapákDAH FAaFR
Innovation of content of teaching and elaboration of modern university textbook for the course of Cattle breeding20182020KEGAP. StrapákDAH FAaFR
Innovation of teaching content and elaboration of modern university textbook for the course of the Management, husbandry and technology of livestock (015SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGAK. VavrišínováDAH FAaFR
Inovácia obsahovej štruktúry predmetu a spracovanie vysokoškolskej učebnice Chov hovädzieho dobytka (024SPU-4/2020)20202022KEGAP. StrapákDAH FAaFR
Investigation of environmental aspects in farm animal breeding from the point of view of greenhouse gases, smell, dust and noise supporting animal welfare and BAT creation - Best available techniques (1/0044/09)20092011VEGAŠ. MihinaKZSBT TF
Journal of Central European Agriculture20002003Medzinárodná vedecko-technická spoluprácaO. DebrecéniDAH FAaFR
Lambs quality of different weight categories assessed on the base of fatty acids profiles and physico-chemical characteristics of meat and fat20112014APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠM. MargetínDAH FAaFR
Measuring and Monitoring Farm Animal Welfare (COST 846 action)20012006COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)P. JuhásDAH FAaFR
Participácia na vydávaní medzinárod. vedeckého časopisu "Journal of Central Europen Agriculture" v r. 2003 (81/02230)20032005rezerva vedy MŠ SRO. DebrecéniDAH FAaFR
Qualitative and production parameters of animals with regard to pre-slaughtering factors, nutrition, technique and breeding technology (1/0493/12)20122015VEGAJ. MlynekDAH FAaFR
Red meat quality assessed by the fatty acid profile, physico-chemical properties and technological properties in dependence on the nutrition and other genetic and non-genetic factors (1/0269/19)2019--VEGAM. MargetínDAH FAaFR
Smoothing Animal Welfare Science Capability in Europe (oc-2013-1-15400)20132013COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)P. JuhásDAH FAaFR
Specific support action Sustainable Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform20062008FP6P. JuhásDAH FAaFR
Sustainable animal health and welfare management system (FP7-KBBE-2013-7-single-stage)20132013FP7P. JuhásDAH FAaFR
The content innovation of education study program Hipology and preparation of modern university textbook for the course Horse Breeding20172019KEGAM. HaloDAH FAaFR
The functional traits use for improvement of production in the farm animals (1/0724/16)2016--VEGAP. StrapákDAH FAaFR
The new technical equipment uses for heat detection and health status changes in dairy cows. (1/0577/20)20202023VEGAP. StrapákDAH FAaFR
The use of artificial insemination technology to achieve the optimal investment of arabian horses and to develop an elite horsebreed.20102012Medzinárodná vedecko-technická spoluprácaM. HaloDAH FAaFR
The valuation of production and ethological parameters of animals with regard to nutrition, technique and technology of breeding (1/0462/10)20102011VEGAJ. MlynekDAH FAaFR
Towards Excellent Research of Farm Animals – Environment Interaction2020--Horizont 2020Š. MihinaKZSBT TF
Variability of levels of compounds responsible for boar taint in Large White in Slovakia. (APVV-19-0525)2020--General callsP. JuhásDAH FAaFR
Vyšľachtenie vysokovýkonného slovenského dobytka a biologicko-technická intenzifikácia chovu hovädzieho dobytka v trhových podmienkach Slovenska (VEGA A-41-03)19941996VEGAO. DebrecéniDAH FAaFR
Zdroje kvality živočíšnej produkcie20042006VEGAO. DebrecéniDAH FAaFR
Zdroje kvality živočíšnej produkcie. (1/1329/04)20042006VEGAO. DebrecéniDAH FAaFR

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