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Bioactive Properties of Apple Juice and Honey Pasteurized by Non-Thermal High Pressure Technology (SK-PT-2015-0008)20162017Bilateral cooperationM. HabánováDHN FAaFR
Detection of Biologically Active Materials of Marginal Fruit Varieties and Their Utilization in Nutrition and Health Protection (1/0102/10)20102011VEGAM. HabánováDHN FAaFR
Determination of total polyphenols and antioxidant capacity of plant sources of natural and agroekological conditions of the Slovak Republic and their utilisation in improving of population health (1/0127/14)20142016VEGAM. HabánováDHN FAaFR
Establishment of a virtual nutritional counseling and increased efficacy of nutritional practice (037SPU-4/2017)2017--KEGAM. HabánováDHN FAaFR
Implementation of innovative teaching methods and approaches to the educational process with emphasis on performance nutrition practice and implementation of nutritional counseling on the Web20152017KEGAM. GažarováDHN FAaFR
Monitoring the impact of selected nutritional measures and directed physical activity on atherogenic and anti-atherogenic lipid fractions (VEGA 1/0566/16 )20162018VEGAJ. KopčekováDHN FAaFR
Quantitative determination of biologically active substances with the cardioprotective action in small berries (1/0723/18)20182021VEGAM. HabánováDHN FAaFR
Testing of pollen can production and shelf life (05-GA SPU-17)20172018GA SPUV. KňazovickáDE&PAP FBFS
The effect of various types of bakery products with gluten and gluten-free on the selected parameters of the nutritional and health status of the probands20162016GA SPUM. GažarováDHN FAaFR
The influence of lipids in pork meat and fat from the indigenous genotypes of mangalica and meat hybrids of pigs on the health of the probands. (1/0709/17)20162019VEGAJ. MrázováDHN FAaFR
The use of modern educational means in the teaching of subjects dealing with the analysis and evaluation of food resources (005SPU-4/2016)20162016KEGAM. HabánováDHN FAaFR
The verification of the effect of organic selenium and vitamin E on the quality of pork and its impact on the selected clinical and biochemical indicators of consumers (1/0760/14)20132016VEGAJ. MrázováDHN FAaFR
Vplyv konzumácie pekárskych výrobkov bez obsahu lepku na vybrané parametre nutričného a zdravotného stavu probandov (01-GA SPU-17)20172018GA SPUM. GažarováDHN FAaFR
Vybrané faktory životného štýlu v hodnotení nutričného a zdravotného stavu bežnej populácie20162016GA SPUP. LenártováDHN FAaFR

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