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Analysis of heat and moisture transport in biological materials (95/03180)20022004VEGAV. VozárováKF TF
Application of advanced physical methods for study of agri-materials properties (SK-PL-2015-0037)20162016Bilateral cooperationV. VozárováKF TF
Application of Food Materials Physical Properties at the Food Quatity Assessment (1/0829/09)20092011VEGAV. VozárováKF TF
Biological materials physical properties and physical methods application for some quality indicators assessment in agriculture (1/0732/13)20132016VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Biomaterials Physical Properties and Physical Methods Application for Specific Quality Indicators Assessment of Agricultural Materials (1/0854/14)20142016VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Development of the experimental methods and devices for ZVVP in Nitra (A-08-124-827-03)19861990štátne programy výskumu a vývojaĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the methods for evaluation of agriculture technology and materials from point of view technical and ecological requirements (VEGA 1066/94)19941996VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the methods for the evaluation of the agricultural material properties and their interactions with the technical instruments (VEGA 1/4406/97)19971999VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the osmotic drying chambers for vegetables and fruits (114-451-00627/2005)20052005Bilateral cooperationĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the osmotic drying chambers for vegetables and fruits (114-451-01404/2006)20062006Bilateral cooperationĽ. KubíkKF TF
Experimental Methods for Moisture Cotent and Basic Parameters of Biological Materials Determination (SK-CZ-0121-11)20122013Bilateral cooperationZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Fruits and Vegetables Osmotic Drier Development (114-451-00565/2007)20072007Bilateral cooperationĽ. KubíkKF TF
Fruits and Vegetables Osmotic Dryer Development (114-451-00565/2010)20092010Medzinárodná vedecko-technická spoluprácaZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Measurement and the simulation of the influence ot the physical properties on the biological material (GA SPU I-98)19982000UPĽ. KubíkKF TF
Micro-structural analysis of agricultural materials (1/0546/12)20122012VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Microstructural analysis of tissue (VEGA 1/0074/10)20102010VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Multimedial textbook of physics for engineers2017--KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Physical identification and development of universal terturometer (VEGA)20192021VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Physical Properties of Bio-materials as Quality Characteristics20172017VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Physical properties of the agricultural biological materials (VEGA 1/7695/20 )20002002VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Physical properties utilisation at the quality of biomaterials assessment20182018VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Podpora obsahovej integrácie a internacionalizácie fyzikálneho vzdelávania študijnou literatúrou pre nové technicky zamerané študijné programy2016--KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Quality and reliability of the agricultural technology (VEGA 1/7684/20)20002002VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Quality of the Poultry Eggs Evaluation during Their Storage (SK-CZ-2013-0113)20142015Bilateral cooperationZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Support of content integration and internalization of physical education for new technically oriented study programmes by study literature (031SPU-4/2016)20152018KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Support of teaching for applied physical disciplines in new engineering study programme Technology for bioenergetics20122012KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Systems of decreasing of energetic factor intensity and technology in agriculture (M - 3)19911993VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Termická analýza vybraných zložiek triedeného odpadu20172018GA SPUD. KunecováKF TF

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