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A Collaborative European Network on Rabbit Genome Biology (RGB-Net) (COST-RGB)20122015COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)P. ChrenekDB&B FBFS
Acpect of cytoprotectivity and cytotoxicity of bioactive compounds in various conditions (APVV-16-0289)20172021General callsP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Analysis of the modulatory effects of biologically active substances on the physiological and pathological oxidative processes in cell models (APVV-15-0543)20162020General callsN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Analýza účinkov niektorých rizikových faktorov na zdravie zvierat20012001GA SPUP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Antioxidant effects of natural biomolecules in the improvement of boar insemination doses (SK-SRB-2016-0009)20172018Bilateral cooperationE. TvrdáDAP FBFS
Antioxidant potential of natural substances in mitigating negative effect of environmental contaminants on animal cells (1/0084/12)20122014VEGAM. CapcarováDAP FBFS
Aplicación de Tecnología de Reproducción Asistida de Alta Complejidad ISCI en la Producción de Embriones de Alpaca Mediante Micromanipulacion (B18101911)20182018Bilateral cooperationP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Application of the Tuning methodology in the improvement of the education process and creation of scholary tools and resources for the study programme of "Molecular Biology" (009SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGAN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Bacterial profiles of animal ejaculates and their impact on the sperm quality (1/0239/20)20202023VEGAE. TvrdáDAP FBFS
Biotechnology and quality of animal products (13203-1045/NITRA02)20112014Erasmus (okrem mobilít)P. ChrenekDB&B FBFS
      Biotechnology and animal product quality (11203-1644/NITRA02)20112012Erasmus (okrem mobilít)P. ChrenekDB&B FBFS
Blended Learning – modern access to education of animal physiology (KEGA 034SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGAT. SlaninaDAP FBFS
Blended Learning – modern access to education of animal physiology (KEGA 039SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAT. SlaninaDAP FBFS
By-products from grape processing as an bioactive substances source in animal nutrition (APVV-16-0170)20172021General callsB. GálikDAN FAaFR
Creation of a permanent network for internationalization and innovation of services and tools in the agro-food sector in the Central Europe area (Interreg Central Europe- Call 1)20162018InterregA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Detection of exogenous and endogenous regulators of animal reproductive functions (1/0022/13)20132015VEGAA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Determination of effects and cellular mechanisms of biological active substances (APVV-0304-12)20132017General callsA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Determination of the effect of food chain risk factors on regulatory mechanisms of cells (1/0038/19)20192022VEGAN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Determination of the effects of natural bioregulators on animal reproductive functions (1/0039/16)20162019VEGAA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Distribution of cadmium and its effect on the function and structure of the reproductive organs of animals (1/3105/96)19961998VEGAM. ValentDAP FBFS
Effect of flavonoids and mycotoxins on adipose tissue. The influence of metabolic status, inflammation and oxidative stress (15/0229)20162020General callsM. CapcarováDAP FBFS
Effective education in physiology and metabolism for study programs Applied Biology, Agrobiotechnology and Foods and Technologies in Gastronomy (024SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAM. CapcarováDAP FBFS
Effects of different storage and media of boar semen to the spermatozooa viability20142015Bilateral cooperationN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Endocrine disruptors and their effects on the health status2020--GA SPUT. JamborDAP FBFS
Environemntal factors and their impact on live systems (SK-PL0007-09)20102011Bilateral cooperationM. CapcarováDAP FBFS
Environmental Assessment System- Integrated Management of Environmental Sustainability (Interreg Central Europe)20162018InterregA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Environmental factor and in vitro toxicity (753/05400)20092010GA SPUA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Factors affecting physiological functions of animal ovarian cells (727/05400)20072008GA SPUA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Factors of food chain: Molecular mechanisms of effects of natural and toxic substances on animal cells (1/0760/15)20152018VEGAM. CapcarováDAP FBFS
Food, health and law20152015Jean MonetP. SchwarczCIP FESRD
Fortified antioxidant and specific IgY containing egg yolk for semen dilution20142015Bilateral cooperationN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Health-promoting potential of polyphenol-rich fruit extracts20192022Bilateral cooperationA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Heavy metals and life quality of animals and humans in Visegrad countries.20172018Standard GrantsN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Higher Education Structures to Enhance Public Health Learning and Teaching in the Republic of Uzbekistan (544445-TEMPUS-1-2013-1- IT-TEMPUS-SMHES)20142017TempusP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Higher Education Structures to Enhance Public Health Learning and Teaching in the Republic of Uzbekistan (2013-4621/001-001)20132017TempusP. MassanyiCIP FESRD
Characterization of the effect of environmental pollutants on the wild animals health status from the "Gápel" district2020--GA SPUA. KováčikDAP FBFS
Charakterizácia zdravotného stavu a reprodukčného potenciálu u rýb čeľade Cyprinidae (06-GA SPU-16)20162018GA SPUA. KováčikDAP FBFS
Identification of oxidative stress exposure on regulatory processes of cells (1/0857/14)20142017VEGAN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Identifikácia účinku endokrinných disruptorov na funkciu Leydigových buniek in vitro20192019GA SPUT. JamborDAP FBFS
Imunobiológia živočíchov a človeka - príprava modernej vysokoškolskej učebnice. (3/7338/09)20092011KEGAN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Innovation education in the field of Physiological Genetics20162018KEGAJ. BullaDAP FBFS
Innovation in Reproductive Science and Technology20192021Erasmus MundusA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Innovative approaches in education and creation of multimedia teaching materials for the study of Applied biology (009SPU-4/2017)20172019KEGAN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Innovative technologic and methodologic procedures in education of the subject "Biology of Animal Production" (010SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Inovation and integration in education of selected subjects in the study programme "Applied Biology" using tuning methodology (006SPU-4/2015)20152017KEGAP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Intensification of education quality in the field of Reproductive biology and toxicology (011SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGAA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Internationalization of new doctoral study programme in English "Food Resources and Biotechnology" (020SPU-4/2020)20202022KEGAA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Intracellular response of ovarian and intestinal system on application of Fusarium toxins (SK-FR-2015-0043)20162017Bilateral cooperationA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Investing in a new generation of European and Latin American intellects to create, promote and protect a healthy and prosperous environment (552103-EM-1-2014-1-IT-ERA MUNDUS-EMA21)20152015Erasmus MundusP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Modern multimedia textbook from Animal physiology (030SPU-4/2012)20122014KEGAJ. KováčikDAP FBFS
Modulačný potenciál prírodných biologicky aktívnych látok sledovaný na bunkových modeloch imunitného a reprodukčného systému20192020GA SPUK. TokárováDAP FBFS
Modulation effects of phytonutrients in relation to consumer health (APVV-18-0312)20192023General callsA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Modulation effects of phytonutrients in relation to reproductive health and prevention of civilization diseases (1/0266/20)20202023VEGAA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Modulation of adipogenesis and oxidative stress by flavonoids and mycotoxins: positive or negative impact on metabolism of adipose tissue?20152019General callsM. CapcarováDAP FBFS
Molecular and clinical manifestation of ethnopharmaceutics effect detected on animal model (APVV-19-0243)20202024General callsM. CapcarováDAP FBFS
Molecular mechanisms of the effect of natural beneficial and toxic substances on animal cells (1/0144/19)20192022VEGAM. CapcarováDAP FBFS
NA20192020Granty nadáciíP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
New reproductive strategies in alpaca oocyte maturation and embryo production in vitro20192019MVTSP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Nutraceuticals - biological and biotechnological aspects of increasing health and reproduction of animals (APVV-17-0261)20182022General callsA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Periconceptional programming of Health outcomes in Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Diabetes and Obesity (OC-2018-2-23292)20192023COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)A. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Prírodný klinoptilolit ako doplnok krmiva a jeho vplyv na fyziologický stav a kvalitu mäsa králikov (12-GASPU-2018)20192020GA SPUT. SlaninaDAP FBFS
Production of high added value bioactive animal feed ingredients by lactic fermentation of agrofarm biomass in combination with olive mill, winnery and dairy wastes20152015HorizontP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Protective effects of Vitamin C against testicular toxicity and carcinogenesis induced by endocrine disruptors (CRP/SVK18-02)20192021Granty nadáciíE. TvrdáDAP FBFS
Renal disease in obesity and diabetes (OC-2018-2-23557)20192023COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)A. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Rescue, proliferation and differentiation of post-thaw alpaca spermatogonial stem cells20172017Granty nadáciíP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Reunion of European Xenotransplantation Research (OC-2018-2-23601)20192023COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)A. KolesárováDAP FBFS
Risk factors of environment effecting animal and human health. (1/9080/02 )20022004VEGAP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Risk factors of the environment affecting the animal and human health (1/2417/05)20052007VEGAP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Risk factors of the food chain of animals -- contamination and toxicity in vitro. (1/0696/08)20082010VEGAP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
Řízení procesů environmentální a ekonomické optimalizace chovu skotu v podmínkách ČR20202023Zmluva o dieloP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
SHARING ADVANCES ON LARGE ANIMAL MODELS (SALAAM) (COST-SALAAM)20142018COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)P. ChrenekDB&B FBFS
Strategic employment of the principles of synthetic biology in the early detection and prevention of premature sperm capacitation (APVV-19-0420)20202024General callsE. TvrdáDAP FBFS
Summer Schools for Biology and Biotechnology Students (009SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAE. TvrdáDAP FBFS
Synthetic biology - a modern strategy to improve the quality of animal spermatozoa (APVV-15-0544)20162020General callsE. TvrdáDAP FBFS
The anti-cancer potential of phytosubstances from traditional and non-traditional fruits (SK-PL-18-0059)20192020Bilateral cooperationA. KolesárováDAP FBFS
The effect of flavonoids on adipogenesis and oxidative stress in culture of human and mice cells20162019VEGAA. KalafováDAP FBFS
Toxic aspects of mycotoxins on animal cell in vitro (1/0790/11)20112013VEGAJ. BullaDAP FBFS
Transcriptomic response of spermatozoa to oxidative stress (CRP/SVK16-02)20172019Granty nadáciíE. TvrdáDAP FBFS
Tvorba klasickej a modernej multimediálnej učebnice pre predmet Biológia živočíšnej produkcie (101-001SPU-4/2010)20102011KEGAN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Vplyv ťažkých kovov na antioxidačný status spermií (ejakulátov). (SK-HU-0005-08)20092010Bilateral cooperationN. LukáčDAP FBFS
Xenobiotics and bio-active substances - detection in selected body fluids and the effect on physiological and cell functions (VEGA 1/0539/18)20182021VEGAP. MassanyiDAP FBFS
14th international scientific conference ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY 201820182018Small GrantsP. MassanyiDAP FBFS

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