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Grape pomace as supplement in diet of chickens and their effect on meat performance, meat quality and gastrointestinal microflora. (1/0025/17)20172019VEGA P. HaščíkDTQAP FBFS
Implementation of quality analysis and innovative technologies in the production of meat products (023SPU-4/2020)20202022KEGA M. KročkoDTQAP FBFS
Inluence of natural feeding additives application on meat yield, quality and stability of chicken meat (VEGA 1/0129/13)20132015VEGA P. HaščíkDTQAP FBFS
Innovation of meat products by using by-products of the processing of raw materials of plant and animal origin. (1/0629/19)20192021VEGA M. KročkoDTQAP FBFS
Inovácia výučby a implementácie nových technologických postupov z oblasti spracovania mäsa a výroby mäsových výrobkov formou multimediálnej pomôcky v študijných programoch Bezpečnosť a kontrola potravín a Technológia potravín. (017SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGA P. HaščíkDTQAP FBFS
Klobásovica - vysokoškolský festival výroby krajových klobás20192019Granty nadáciíM. BobkoDTQAP FBFS
Multimedia support and implementation of scientific knowledge in the area of quality analysis and meat products production in subject teaching in the Food Technology and Food Safety and Food Study (010SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGA M. KročkoDTQAP FBFS
Natural substances with antiradical activity as promoters and stabilizers in the production and processing of chicken meat20112013VEGA M. KročkoDTQAP FBFS
Processing of animal origin materials - innovation of subjectcs for I. and II. degree of university study (034SPU-4/2017)20172019KEGA M. KročkoDTQAP FBFS
Resistance of selected bacterial groups influencing milk quality against sanitary conditions and their ability to form biofilm. (1/0679/13)20132015VEGA M. ČanigováDTQAP FBFS
Technologies for the production of food of animal origin - innovation of subjects for I.and II. degree of university study (025SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGA M. BobkoDTQAP FBFS
Technology processing for materials of animal origin - creation of a modern university textbooks, teaching innovation of subjectcs for I. and II. degree of university study.20152016KEGA M. KročkoDTQAP FBFS
Testing of Bee Pollen Fermentation in Model Conditions (SK-PL-18-0057)20192020Bilateral cooperationV. KňazovickáDTQAP FBFS
Testing of pollen can production and shelf life (05-GA SPU-17)20172018SUA Grant Agency V. KňazovickáDTQAP FBFS
Textbook innovation and implementation of New Didactic Resources in Teaching of Subject “Evaluation and Packaging of Raw Materials and Foods of Animal Origin” (027SPU-4/2019)20192021KEGA J. ČuboňDTQAP FBFS
The ability of bacteria isolated from the primary milk production to form biofilm in relationship to the physical properties of different materials surfaces (1/0804/18)20182019VEGA V. DuckováDTQAP FBFS
The effect of natural biologically active substances on the degradation processes in animal products (1/0484/17)20172018VEGA J. ČuboňDTQAP FBFS
The fortification of fermented dairy products with natural ingredients20162016VEGA M. ČanigováDTQAP FBFS
The influence of different forms of treatment animal origin products for the formation of degradation metabolites (1/0450/16)20162018VEGA J. ČuboňDTQAP FBFS
Use of grape varieties (Vitis vinifera) with a high antioxidant content in chickens (1/0327/18)20182021VEGA P. HaščíkDTQAP FBFS
Usege of bacterial cultures in the processing of fermented meat products2020--SUA Grant Agency M. KročkoDTQAP FBFS
Utilization of coagulase-negative strains (CNS) Staphylococcus and by-products processing plant raw materials in the innovation process of food of animal origin.2020--VEGA M. KročkoDTQAP FBFS
Vlastnosti syrov vyrobených s autochtónnymi baktériami mliečneho kysnutia20152016Bilateral cooperationM. ČanigováDTQAP FBFS

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