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Aging management and possibility of elimination of contamination of ruminants meat by using plant esential oils during processing for increase of consumer quality20162021General callsL. HlebaDMi FBFS
Agriculture production as a source of changes in the biodiversity of soil microorganisms and of the new biologically active actinomycete strains. (1/0476/13)20132015VEGAS. JavorekováDMi FBFS
Antimicrobial, antioxidant and cytotoixc effect of essetntial oils20182022General callsM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Application of on-line learning in Microbiology subject (027 SPU-4/2015)20152017KEGAJ. Maková
Bioactive metabolites of soil and endophytic bacteria in organic farming. (1/0305/17)20172019VEGAS. JavorekováDMi FBFS
Biodiverzita pôdnych mikroorganizmov v agroekosystémoch. (1/3459/06)20062008VEGAS. JavorekováDMi FBFS
Biology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences20132017CEEPUSM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Bio-synthesis of nanoparticles and perspective of their use in control of biotic forest pests (APVV-16-0117)2017--General callsJ. MedoDMi FBFS
Composting and influence of compost application on the soil quality and health in conditions of incipient biofarm. (APVV-14-0546)20152019General callsS. JavorekováDMi FBFS
COST CA 16110 Control of Human Pathogenic Micro-organisms in Plant Production Systems20182021COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)J. MedoDMi FBFS
COST FA 1202: A European NetwokFor Mitigating Bacterial Colonisation and Persistence On Foods and Food Processing Environments20122016COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)M. KačániováDMi FBFS
Creation and modification of wine properties in grapes processing technology from selected vineyard regions of Slovakia (APVV-16-NEWPROJECT-10229)2016--General callsM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Curriculum innovation and the creation of textbooks for the course "Biotechnology microorganisms" (. 023SPU-4/2017)20172017KEGAM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Determinácia účinku biologicky aktívnych látok v procese výroby vína na mikrobiálne a ovariálne bunky (1/0411/17)2017--VEGAM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Determination of the biologically active substances effect in the wine making process to microbial and ovarial cells ( 1/0411/17)20162016= neznámý =M. KačániováDMi FBFS
Effect of two different type of compost and mineral fertlizer on selected soil properties.20142014Small GrantsS. JavorekováDMi FBFS
Endophytic microorganisms in trees and their potential role in stress tolerance enhancement2015--VEGAM. BartaDMi FBFS
Enzymatic activity of microorganisms in soil. (SK-CZ-2013-0080)20142015Bilateral cooperationS. JavorekováDMi FBFS
Food Quality and Consumer Studies (2014-1-SK01-KA203-000464)20142017Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsE. HorskáDMT FEM
Fostering university-enterprise cooperation in the field of winemaking2018--Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Fungal pathogens in population of invasive species Harmonia axyridis in Slovakia and Poland20162017Bilateral cooperationJ. MedoDMi FBFS
Genetics and epigenetics of ewes milk production in Slovakia (APVV-15-0072)20162020General callsV. TančinDVS FAaFR
Changes of biologically active compounds in the winemaking process and determination of their effect on cells20162020General callsM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Chemical composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of medicinal plants (SK-SRB-2016-0026)20162017Bilateral cooperationM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Implementation of molecular genetic methods in the practical teaching of the subjects of microbiology20152017KEGAS. Javoreková
Increase the quality of education in SUA and achieve its adaptation to current and future needs of society (QEDU)2012--OP VzdelávanieM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Innovation of education in subjects from microbiology area for the study programs Applied biology and Agrobiotechnologies (014SPU-4/2017)20172019KEGAJ. MakováDMi FBFS
Inovácia učebných osnov a tvorba učebných textov z predmetu "Mikrobiológia a parazitológia20122014KEGAM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Inovácia učebných osnov predmetu Ekológia mikroorganizmov a jeho integrácia do študijných programov v II. a III. stupni VŠ štúdia. (3/6228/08)20082010KEGAS. JavorekováDMi FBFS
Microbial characterisation of agriculture wastes utilizable at production of biogas and by researching of a new microbial metabolites. (1/0404/09)20092011VEGAS. JavorekováDMi FBFS
Microbiological quality of wine during technological process of production (SK-PL-2015-0043)20152016Bilateral cooperationM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Microbiological quality of wine during technological process of production (SK-CN-2017-NEWPROJECT-11316)2018--Bilateral cooperationM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Modernisation of higher education in the area of food quality and safety in Tajikistan2013--TempusM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Multimedia support in the education courses in microbiology (018SPU-4/2016)20162016KEGAJ. MakováDMi FBFS
Nontraditional species of plants as sources of organic food and raw materials for new treatment technologies (ITEBIO), ITMS: 2622022011520112014OP Výskum a VývojM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Plant microbiome and safe food20192022VEGAJ. MedoDMi FBFS
Podpora teoretických vedomostí a praktických zručností pri výučbe štátnicových predmetov Potravinárska mykológia a Mikrobiológia potravín (013SPU-4/2014)2013--KEGAD. TančinováDMi FBFS
Precision Management of Water and Nutrient Status of Almond and Olive trees for the Sustainable Production of Healthy Food (SEP-210328701)20162017Horizon 2020M. KačániováDMi FBFS
Probiotics for plants - plant stimulators and bioprotectants (APVV-15-0472)20162020General callsM. BartaDMi FBFS
Qualitative factors affecting the production and consumption of milk and cheese. (APVV-16-0244)20172020General callsĽ. NagyováDMT FEM
Rýchla detekcia patogénnych baktérií v potravinárskej praxi (VMSP-P-0111-09 )20092011APVV projekty financované inou inštitúciou ako MŠVVaŠM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Strategy for Internationalisation to Rapid Institutional Development in Uzbek Universities2018--Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnershipsM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Support for obtaining laboratory skills in microbiology to a new study program Agrobiotechnology. (029SPU-4/2016)20162018KEGAS. JavorekováDMi FBFS
Support of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students in teaching subjects Mycology and Food Mycology (KEGA 015SPU-4/2018)2018--KEGAD. TančinováDMi FBFS
Support theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students in teaching subjects Food Mycology and Food Microbiology (015SPU-4/2015)20152017KEGAD. TančinováDMi FBFS
Synthesis, modeling, physico-chemical and biological properties of organic compounds and the corresponding metal complexes20122014= neznámý =M. KačániováDMi FBFS
Synthetic biology - a modern strategy to improve the quality of animal spermatozoa (APVV-15-0544)20162020General callsE. TvrdáDAP FBFS
Systematical Improvement of the Ranking Instruments of the universities Uzbekistan / SIRIUz20172020Erasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniaM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Testing of pollen can production and shelf life (05-GA SPU-17)20172018GA SPUV. KňazovickáDE&PAP FBFS
The effect of natural plant extract to microbial and granulosa cells on in vitro condition (1/0611/14)2013--VEGAM. KačániováDMi FBFS
Wine production laboratory2017--Erasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniaM. KačániováDMi FBFS

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